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    Ok to use Chevron Supreme "SL" GF-3

    Chevron makes a great product. I ran it exclusively in my TDI for 115k with no oil usage and no symptoms whatsoever (Delo synthetic).
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    V8 F1 Cosworth engine 20,000 Rpm's video.

    Well, I stand corrected. I was going on an old memory as far as the engine balances were concerned. No one will ever understand F1 logic. I give you Indy this year. I can't understand how the US can't produce a proper F1 road course.
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    Valve noise

    Many people confuse injector noise with valve noise on VW's. The VW injectors are quite noisey. I wonder if other makes cause their owner's to make the same mis-diagnosis?
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    Will GC cause a drop in mpg?

    My experience is that fresh GC will cause a slight drop in MPG initially. But, after a few hundred or maybe 1k I found that mileage was as good or better than other synthetics. I drive 40k per year with GC in my job.
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    As a few of you know I have threatend to sell my GC stash a couple of times and then I get seperation anxiety. I've ran the BC to 5k and was quite impressed. The GC seems to be a little sticker and overall tougher though. I keep going back and forth. VOI's UOI's I'm cross eyed. I get a little...
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    V8 F1 Cosworth engine 20,000 Rpm's video.

    Is wonder why they went away from the turbos? Too much power I suppose. Of course that could have been limited in numerous ways. As we will never have 20k rpm road cars, I would think that turbo engines would be a more useful test bed for something that might benefit the auto industry in...
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    BG engine flush

    Yes, the MOA was added after the flush was complete and the "finish" oil that the customer left the shop with was fortified with MOA.
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    BG engine flush

    Yes, the MOA is the second part of the flush system we used to use- very good stuff. There was a larger plastic jug that used to contain the solvent used as the cleaning agent. I see now they have a machine, maybe that's what's in it and that's the approach they're taking.
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    GC extended OCI in VW Sludgemonster?

    The fuel and the engines/tuning are different in Europe which make comparisons to drain intervals between US and European driven vehicles not applicable.
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    UOA of GC M04 in 04 VW 1.8T

    Yes, I think the "unleaded race gas" pushes the limits on the allowable amount of lead in unleaded fuel. That particular UOA had seen quite a bit of Sunoco GT100 "unleaded" and Cam2 "unleaded". Right now I'm running Sunoco GT 104 "unleaded"- <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]"...
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    UOA of GC M04 in 04 VW 1.8T

    Moderate amount of race gas used- 1/2 tanks a month. Driven moderately hard. <img src="" alt=" - " />
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    Yes, I just posted a UOA on GC M04.
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    BG engine flush

    Is BG still making their fine engine flush system? When I was a tech it consisted of pine oil (well it smelled like it) and an additive to use after the flush as a neutralizer. It was really good stuff. But I haven't seen anyone using it. It is a vendor type product: ie only sold to dealers whom...
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    UOA of GC M04 in 04 VW 1.8T

    Moderate amount of race gas used- 1/2 tanks a month. Driven moderately hard. <img src="" alt=" - " />
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    I've been infected by the GC virus

    My owners manual says as long as the oil used meets ONE any of the the following criteria, it is acceptable to use in my vehicle. The list includes European, SAE, API and other certifications. I believe as long as it says VW502 on the bottle and they can't prove the failure was lubrication...
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    So I went back to my "country" hometown to visit family. They just got their only AZ about 2 years ago. I couldn't resist- I'd just check and leave. They had 9qts of G04 and 6qts of (G01!). I bought the G04. The guy even said he had lots of it, he even let me go in the back store room- only...
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    GC extended OCI in VW Sludgemonster?

    Stick with the 5k oil changes. If you have a true sludge problem. I.E. not just varnish, then proceed carefully with some type of engine cleaner. It will require removal of the oil pan to access the oil pan, clean and clean the oil screen. Dicy territory there. There is nothing magic about GC...
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    Thinking again about selling stash of GC

    I might be interested in accepting offers on my approx. 100 qt stash of GC M03/M04. I might be willing to deliver in person to parts of the Mid-Atlantic states or meet half-way. I'm thinking $6/qt. Paid on avg. $5. Figure my time/gas/mileage wear and tear plus the rarity of the oil makes it...
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    Mobile versus Chevron

    I've always like Chevron oils. I used them in my TDI for 115k miles and had no usage. However, your Rodeo engine is a notorious oil user. The amounts your talking about, most people would be happy with. I'm glad you're getting the results you are and I hope it continues. I'm glad you posted...
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    Here Ya Go....Mitsubishi WRC's Switch to Mobil 1 Delivers Instant Results

    Hey, my experience was that my engine initially felt a little sluggish when I switched to GC from M1. But after a thousand miles or so it was both strong and quiet. With M1 it got noisier.