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    Listening to the radio in your vehicle.....

    I keep mine on 94.5 FM Conservative Talk Radio in my truck.Listen to it when I'm busy in the house and in my outdoor building/man cave.
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    How much do you pay for a haircut?

    $15.00 at Great Clips for a hair and beard trim with my senior discount.Plus I give her a $5 tip.They have six ladies in there all the time and everyone of them are young and beautiful!
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    Two Foods I'll Never Stop Eating

    Being a type 2 diabetic eggs is the one thing I can enjoy without running up my glucose numbers.As long as they are boiled or scrambled.Eggs natures perfect food.
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    Do you have any facial hair?

    Had a full beard since 1982.This year my 65'th I'm letting it grow out since I always kept it trimmed short.Folks ask me was I trying to be Santa.I say why not everybody loves that guy.Great for covering up ugly!
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    Maytag quality dropping?

    Back in 2002 we had to purchase another washer so I saw where an appliance store had two years interest free financing.I jumped on the Maytag Neptune for $800! People told me I was insane paying that much for a washer.Well we used that washer twice a day for twenty years and never had a problem...
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    Oil filter questions

    I just go to Walmart and get the cheapest full synthetic oil and the Super Tech 20,000 mile filter.Of course my oil change is every 5000 miles.Cheap insurance.
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    Are you using a 4k TV yet?

    LOL! Ten years ago I bought my youngest son an Element 50 inch tv.His responce was "Element really Dad."Well ten years later it's still going everyday for him with no bad pixels or burnt out LEDs.It was an open box for $200.With all the bad reviews I figured I threw my money away.
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    Are you using a 4k TV yet?

    Back last year when we got a reliable high speed internet come to our neighborhood I found the Samsung 75 inch at Sams for $1,300 with a four year warranty to boot.Dumped my cable company put up an outside antenna and was proud I cut the cord.Then all the leaves came back cause I am surrounded...
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    Great Value Milk

    I'm a big fat free milk drinker and been all my life.I can tell for a fact there is a difference between each gallon of Great Value fat free milk.I purchase it three gallons each trip to the store.One gallon will taste fine,the next one tastes like pine cleaner,and the next tastes like it was...
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    Do you love a good rain/thunder storm?

    We had an oversized awning put over our driveway.Perfect for my Frontier and her Pathfinder.And plenty of room to sit when it rains but if the storm is too electrical we wait till the worst is over.Since snow is a one time a year event around here we will bundle up and watch the snow fall during...
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    Anne Heche has died.

    I'm glad no innocent people were injured or killed.Even grown ups do stupid things and pay the ultimate price.You would think at 53 she would have made better choices.I hope she finds the peace in death she couldn't find in life.
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    Are you a Gambler?

    When I was employed our department used to drop $5 a week each on lottery tickets but I never joined them.Yep one would hit a a few dollars win every once in a great while but after two years everyone started adding up their losses.They finally gave the idea of one hitting the jackpot and...
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    Tools you own but have never used, but still glad you purchased the tool/kit

    Probably catch some slack for this one but the most handy one piece tool is the original gator grip socket.Around the house and those minor lawn mower repairs and minor duty it can't be beat.I bought a craftsman 3/8 ratchet on sale at Lowes and just keep it in the top drawer where it's easy to...
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    Deluge of spam calls

    I didn't have my new cell phone number just a few months when I got an alert from Capital One that my cell phone number was found on the dark web.I was wondering why I was getting weird spam calls.I only used it to call people on my contact list.Never put it online so I went back to AT&T and...
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    Kelly Tires really?

    Wow! Road Huggers brings back memories from 1975 when I put them on my Plymouth Duster.Ran Road Huggers until the early 80's.Then Sears Road Handler tires until they rode off into the sunset.Now I go to Sam's and ask for the cheapest tire in the size I need.Never had a problem doing tires that...
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    The 80’s: Best decade for wrestling

    I grew up watching Johnny Weaver,George Becker,Rip Hawk,Swede Hanson,George and Sandy Scott,The Infernos,gosh too many too recall.My best memory was in June of 1975 at the old Greenville Memorial Auditorium sitting at ring side when Ric Flair and Jimmy Snuka brought the match to where I was...
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    Nuke Your Cream?

    Being a diabetic I have to enjoy the sugar free varieties.Breyers brand of suger free was so hard I would flip a couple of scoops in the floor.And it has no flavor.Never thought about putting it into the microwave.Mayfield sugar free has the best taste and consistancy but only offer it in...
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    2010 Ford Ranger: Cheap!

    Back in June of 2020 before it all got crazy I was in the market for an entry level new truck since I was planning on retiring.Kept watching the local dealers online and hoping I would get lucky and I did.The best deal was a 2019 Frontier the last one around going for $21,000.Yes it was the S...
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    First store brand oil you used?

    Had a 1986 Mazda B2000 and a 1992 Dodge Colt that I changed the oil and filter every 2000 miles.Over kill I know but all during the 90's I always caught Castrol oil for 99 cents a quart.Smokey Yunick in Popular Mechanics wrote it was OK to use any brand oil as long as it has the star on it.So I...
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    New automatic drip coffee maker needed..

    The best cup of coffee I stumbled up on was when I used distilled water for the heck of it.Makes a great pot of coffee without the chlorine and whatever is in tap water.