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    Push Mower - which carburetor?

    wow, before going to all the trouble of sourcing a new carb spend a few minutes cleaning the old one. It probably has a bowl nut that also acts as a jet. Drop the bowl, clean it out, clean the jet and make sure the float is working correctly. 10 mins of work and you should be good to go.
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    Spark plug change on 2017 jeep grand cherokee 3.6

    if you're pulling your upper intake you want to replace the gaskets. Good time to do the pcv valve, too, if it hasn't been done. I did my Pentastar around 75K, plugs, gaskets and pcv...oh, and my oil filter housing / cooler started leaking around 80K...
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    How many hours of use do you change your generator's engine oil?

    haha...that's exactly what I use on my generator and snow blowers..and of course I have hour meters on all of them, doesn't everyone? :D
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    How many in pre-retirement make catch-up contributions to 401K

    I have done it as long as I've been able..max out 401K and then max out catch up contribution. .I always say I don't want to have to eat dog food in retirement..rather sacrifice a little more now to be a little more comfortable in retirement.
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    Has anyone had an oil related failure if?

    I think you already know the answer... motor failures are not caused by the oil used. More than likely it was due to a lack of oil, never changing oil, etc. Sure, someone always knows a 'guy' that it happened to...or a friend of a friend of a guy...
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    Need advice/info on 2013-2016 Acadia and Traverse with V6

    the Car Wizard on Youtube has a video on the absolute worst engines to avoid...the GM 3.6 is on the list
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    What Happens to New Cars that Never Get Sold ?

    yep, I was referring to new cars being spiffed. We kept a list of the oldest new cars on the lot..once they hit a certain age they got a spiff. Fastest way to sell a car on a lot? Add a spiff to it. The spiff could have been on a new Buick Park Avenue...and we'd walk everybody by that car...
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    What Happens to New Cars that Never Get Sold ?

    at the dealership I worked at, many years ago, the oldest cars would get spiffed...and the older they were the bigger the spiff you got for selling it. We never had a problem with over age cars.
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    Did the shop use the wrong oil ?

    happened to me at a Jiffy Lube with my company car...receipt said 5W-20, car calls for 5W-30. When I questioned them about it they said it was just a 'clerical' mistake and they always put in the grade stated on the oil fill cap...(yeah.....riiiight)
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    Having a non-car person other half - the things they do.

    my elderly Mother has a Cruze with the little turbo. She still starts it while pushing the gas pedal halfway down..revs the crap out of it at start up and then immediately puts it in gear and guns it. Nothing I say changes, well..
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    storing a 2 stroke scooter...need guidance

    a think you'll be fine storing it the way you stored your 4t machines. My only question would be does it have a plastic or metal fuel tank? Plastic is fine to run it dry...if it's metal I'd definitely want it full of ethanol free, stabilized fuel to avoid condensation damage.
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    I bought a Yamaha Xmax 300

    I think the 300cc scoot is the sweet spot between easy around town riding and highway capability. Love that underseat storage for 2 lids! There's also a lot to be said for riding around on a twist n go scoot...while I like shifting I don't love shifting.
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    Bought and sold a Navi in a month!

    your point about the speed of your local roads is important...even though it's 110cc it seems to perform more like a 50cc. Even with all its flaws I'm glad to see a new affordable scoot from Honda. Anything to get more people on 2 wheels is a win for me.
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    Anyone watching Itchy Boots adventures on YouTube?

    yep, she's a good one...along with Million Dollar Bogan, 2 of my favorite youtubers
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    Need New Crab Steamer

    haha - I first read the title as carb steamer! Started thinking I've never seen anyone clean a carb that must have a forgiving wife.
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    Honda dealers are just as bad as

    how are people getting financing with purchase prices well over MSRP? Back 2 decades ago when I was in the business we could only finance up to MSRP (and maybe plus tax, title and license). Most people also didn't have any money to put down and were upside down in their trades, too.
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    Toys you had as a kid and that you kept

    the Fischer Price airplane, original Rock em Sock em Robots, original Mattell Electric football handheld game, a Coleco version, Steve Austin, 6 Million Dollar Man action figure (lost the engine he used to curl), electric football (the metal, green vibrating field) with 6 different teams...we...
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    Yamaha Sight 115 The 200-300mpg underbone mini cycle

    lots of scooters for sale here in the US that will get 80-100+ mpg. Spend that importation fee on a scooter, instead!
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    the first thing to ask is what kind of riding will you do with it? Just around town, some 55 mph highway or will you need the occasional 70-75 mph freeway jaunt? Solo or carry a passenger? I have a 163 cc scoot (Kymco People S200) and a 244cc scoot (Honda Helix - awesome scoot) plus a small...
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    What flowers do you have in your yard?

    have a little under a half acre lot in the burbs...we are first owners...planted about 50 trees and shrubs, roses, lilacs, serviceberry redbud, fir, arborvitae, swamp white oak, shingle oak, dawn redwood, bald cyprus, birch, flowering crabs....plant annuals out front every year, have snapdragons...