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    Looking For a Good VoIP Phone

    I have a MagicJack and have been using it for about ten years. The key to it working well is having a good internet connection. If your internet quality is half-baked or the speed isn't all that great, the MagicJack will be bad. Otherwise it works great. The other quirk is that it seems to...
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    Fort 5.4 Triton - higher viscosity oil v/s redesigned parts?

    Not sure if it adds any value to this thread, but I run Euro 5w-40 in my 5.4 3v engine. Starts up and runs just fine. Even in the freezing cold. Also, I noticed that the engine is overall much quieter and smoother with the Euro 5w-40 as opposed to when I used 5w-20. It's especially...
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    Grapeseed oil, $3.88 for a 12 pack…

    I've read that refined grapeseed oil is very good to season cast iron pans with.
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    Brined turkey

    Has anyone ever tried using that brining bucket? It is new to me. I recently saw it on a YouTube video. It has notches where you can put a "stopper" on the inside so that the turkey (or other meats) do not float above the brine.
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    European Formula oil

    I run Euro oil in my 2006 Ford F-150 King Ranch. Engine seems to run smoother and quieter than with other oils. No problems whatsoever to report. Will continue to run it in the truck. Strongly considering changing my 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 over to Euro oil after my current stash runs out.
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    Does All Brake Cleaner Clean the Same?

    There is a difference. It's not in your head (although I'm sure someone will chime in and say it is.) I use cheap stuff for general cleaning. When I need spotlessly clean (such as preparing a surface for a gasket or sealant that keeps a fluid in), I use the deep cleaning stuff.
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    What is your go to shave soap/cream?

    I wash and rinse my face twice with Shea Moisture bar soap (it rinses off very clean) and then I use Walmart Equate sensitive skin shaving cream in the can. That makes the shave uneventful, smooth and most importantly no razor bumps, irritation or nicks. I shave once or twice a week, since I...
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    Anyone here smoke?

    I have a few smokers, but what I smoke on primarily is a kettle grill. It's extremely convenient. I put a Lavalock gasket around the lid where it sits on the body of the grill. This ensures I have 100% control over the temperature. I drilled a hole on the same side as the vent tube...
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    What Is It?

    Lol, I was expecting to see an image of an intact FL820s when I clicked on this thread.
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    3 Valve 5.4 Triton Oil type

    I use 5w-40 euro oil in my F-150. It's a 2006 year model 5.4L. Engine seems to be much smoother with it as opposed to the 5w-20. I will continue to run this in my truck as the engine seems to be very compatible with it. A very popular youtuber that works on these recommends 5w-30 full...
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    How often should refrigerator water filter be replaced?

    I had the distiller before I bought the Zerowater pitcher. I didn't quite like the taste of distilled alone, so I bought a Pur pitcher initially and didn't like the taste nor the TDS measurements. Then I tried Zerowater and was satisfied with the taste. As for why I initially bought it, there...
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    How often should refrigerator water filter be replaced?

    As for how I clean my distiller - after distilling 10 gallons or so in it, I pour enough (usually cheap) white vinegar in it to cover the bottom of it, put the top back on the distiller and let it sit for a day up to a week (sometimes longer if I'm traveling). Then I take a stainless steel...
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    How often should refrigerator water filter be replaced?

    I have a 1 gallon countertop distiller. After distilling, I pour my water through a Zerowater pitcher for taste. I have 10 BPA-free plastic jugs that I pour my distilled/filtered water into afterwards. That's my setup. I did some experimenting years ago and this is what works best for me...
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    Looking for 6x8 speaker suggestions

    Stock speakers for now. A thought in the back of my mind is to use the suggestion from earlier in the thread and connect these new speakers that I hate to a home receiver and give them 100-200 hours of time to break in and try them again. Not sure if it would help, but that's a thought...
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    Name this tool please

    I call it a burr.
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    Replacing key with chip

    I use a locksmith to cut my keys and I use Forscan to program it and backups. You'll need two keys to do it. Below is what I connect to my laptop to program my Ford keys. I've done it on my Focus and King Ranch. If you go this route, make sure you are using a good, quality key. You can...
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    OE or OEM? Reminder to shop around!

    Yep! Standard has one in their TechSmart line with the OEM stuff scratched off. I haven't installed in in my 3V yet, but that is what I bought.
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    The best fuel injection cleaner?

    I can't vouch for "best", but Gumout Multi-System (in the can) is what I swear by. Has cleared up lots of issues in vehicles and lawnmowers. Every single time.