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    Have you owned a vehicle for 15 years without internal engine problems

    Drove my old 1987 740 Volvo wagon for 370K miles until 2009, 22 years. My 1997 Volvo 960 has 141K miles, 26 years, and my 2010 Prius has 113K miles 13.5 years and none of them have had any engine issues. I did replace the turbo charger on my 87 Volvo at 242K miles because it seized. That was...
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    What are you watching in YouTube?

    Check out Scott Walters out of Southern California. I'm also a fan of Micheal B. out of Miami.
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    What are you watching in YouTube?

    Mainly the financial, two Real Estate channels and select prepping channels. I like to know what's coming down the road instead of waking up some Friday morning and finding out like a lot of people did that their bank is insolvent. My three favorite on YT are I Allegedly, SouthernPrepper1 and...
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    Photos of Amazon Rivian Van in action

    They cost $180,000 each. I understand the range is pretty good for what they are used for. I hear that during an 8-9 hour shift, they're coming back to the terminal with a remaining 70% charge.
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    I-95 NY - FL and back observations..

    I've made this trip south a couple times a year. I-79 to Route 19 in WV, to the WV Turnpike, to I-77 down to Columbia SC. From there I take I-26 over to I-95 down to Jacksonville, then to I-10 over to Baldwin Fl. where I pick up Route 301 down to Ocala. From route 301 at Ocala, I take I-75 down...
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    Best Vacuum Food Saver Machine ??

    Yes, I've had zero issues with my Geryon unit. I learned to let it cool down for a few minutes before putting it away. What will happen if I don't let cool down is the upper and lower rubber seals will stick together. When that happens one seal will get dislodged and I have to re-install it back...
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    Hidden compartments in your car you didn't find until much after purchase.

    My old 87 Volvo 740 wagon had steering wheel that was set up for airbags but they didn't come with them that year. I could pop the center cover off and hide things in there. My buddy was with me one night when we decided at the last minute to hit the bar. He was a police officer at the time. He...
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    Insane Electric Rate Increase $508.68/1522 kWh

    I used my oil filled radiator portable heater I have in my game room a little more than usual last month and my electric bill jumped $30. Remember those small vampire electric draws do add up during the month. I have a radon mitigation system in my house that's nothing more than a fan that runs...
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    I'm looking for a wheel cover for the Camry

    Check on Amazon for plastic lug nut covers.
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    Fedex is on a roll lately -- late deliveries

    In some cases yes pay is low for FedEx and Amazon drivers. One Indy FedEx company was offering min of $900 a week and up to $1,500 a week with full benefit package. Funny thing they got over 400 applications in a week. In some cases you get what you pay for. Some companies still think they can...
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    Energy Saving Tips - Please Share

    Work toilet employees and customers were using them.
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    Energy Saving Tips - Please Share

    Yep did that one with a few sheets of Styrofoam paneling. Built a box that drops right over the stair opening. I probably have less than $25 invested with the Styrofoam, glue and 1/2 inch door sealing strips. In most cases new appliances will not save you much ROI over the old ones except when...
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    Energy Saving Tips - Please Share

    They make storm window inserts that really aren't that bad on price. Energy Window Inserts Another cheap fix is under door draft blockers.
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    Avoiding counterfeit parts -- Best strategies?

    I've bought a lot of items from FCP over a few decades.
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    Avoiding counterfeit parts -- Best strategies?

    I bought a rebuilt compressor from Autozone that came with a lifetime warranty. It was complete with everything you needed to swap one out except the Freon. $340 with discount. The Volvo dealer wanted close to a grand for the same exact same unit. I guess the Volvo sticker was worth another...
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    Avoiding counterfeit parts -- Best strategies?

    At least with Toyota there are dealers who will discount between 15-35% when you order online. Definitely wouldn't touch a filter of any kind from Ebay or Amazon.
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    All Domestic Flights Grounded in the USA last night due to a Massive FAA NOTAM Computer Failure

    BTW Canadian NOTAM system is now down. Canada says we don't really need it so keep flying, no restrictions. I think someone is sending a message.
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    Pittsburgh vs Daytona 3 ton floor jack

    I have the silver 3 ton heavy duty and I've had zero issue with it.
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    Mechanic charging for diagnostics?

    Just like the guys that do Kitchen and Bath design, they charge for the work. Because people would take their layout and get someone else to do the work. So now they charge $150+ that's taken off the bill if they get the job. There's a guy on YT I think he's called the Car Wizard out of the...
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    GM beats Toyota in 2022 US auto sales on strong demand. -Techxplore

    I think the last few weeks of cold temperatures woke people up on EV's. Bad enough that the range dropped off around 40% but seeing the car wouldn't take a charge in sub zero temperatures had to be a real nightmare for the owners. Wait until the owners in the warmer climates find out what heat...