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    Hydrotex Essentialube

    Wow, tough crowd. I do work for Hydrotex in the corporate side. Just to clear up some of the misconceptions; We are NOT a MLM distribution model. We do not require fees or capitol investments to join our sales force. Those in sales are truly independent contractors. Essentialube is a...
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    Good to meet you Johnny, I'm sure I'll be checking this site during my lunch breaks from now on. The amount of information and activity is impressive! I need to brush up on what I learned in our QSchool so I don't make a fool of myself. -John
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    Thanks for the welcome, and will do. How long were you with Pennzoil for? I use their syncromesh in my 3000GT and love it. Great stuff. -John
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    I know this is a strait plug, I need to read all the rules as I just joined up on this site. I'm the graphic designer for Hydrotex, we are currently working on an online site,, where for the first time we will be selling our products direct to the public. It is just a couple...