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    Quick & Easy "Fix" for "Capless Fuel Systems"

    I have a 2020 Silverado with the capless fuel fill. I just got a Curt rubber hitch ball cover of the correct size, cut it in half and it fits perfectly over the capless filler. About $4.
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    Top Tier fuels, I think they work

    Thought I had included the link: Also membership is voluntary, it's just an official way to say "hey, we meet the cleaning additives as suggested without fillers". I'm sure there are a lot of stations that use gas that does have the proper cleaning...
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    Top Tier fuels, I think they work

    Harris Teeter, grocery store. Has BP on the pumps. I just checked Top Tier and they are no longer listed as a member. I just emailed them to see what's up. garyoNC
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    Top Tier fuels, I think they work

    So, I had been using a generic gas, mostly Hess and Speedway for many years because of the reward points. I notice that on the car, Mazda GDI turbo that I had to run FI cleaner through it about every 6 months because I noticed a rough idle and slight hesitation. After a couple of tanks with the...
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    D7 scan tool with Bi-directional control for under $500

    I'm in the market for a scan tool also. What is a real scan tool? I think you mean a pro scanner. I cannot afford one of those, how do I get the best for my money that has a good reputation for reliability? Thanks, garyo
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    Oil Level ...

    I am 51 years old and have been working on cars since I was about 10 with my Dad. I have always done my own basic maintenance and changed oil in all the vehicles I have ever owned, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and lawn mowers. How confused do you think I am?
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    Oil Level ...

    I have the exact same problem with my Mazda 2.3l 2008 CX-7. It is a straight and short dip stick so I do not understand what is happening. In my Ford's and GM's I would check them hot, cold, rain, shine, even upside down and they always registered the same. Go figure, this is my first foreign...
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    News story that 'maybe' OCIs too frequent

    The real moral of the story and most like this is to find a good local shop, non-chain that you deal with the owner all or most of the time. They may not be the cheapest but there sure is peace of mind when dealing with someone who you know will be fair and honest with you. Someone who will...
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    Mazda 2.0L owners (protege5) Which Synth do u use?

    I have a CX-7 w/2.3l turbo and just started using M1 0W30. It seems to work great with the turbo. Almost 3K on oil and has not used a drop. I will go to 6k OCI. I have used M1 on various vehicles for over 15 years and am very satisfied with it. I'm sure most top name oils are good, but M1 is...
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    Mobil1 0w30

    Oil has been gold for almost 40 years!
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    Mobil1 0w30

    I just put in our new CX-7. have about 2500 miles on the oil now. It seems to run just fine. Some observations, one the color seems more stable with this oil than the previous Castrol non-synthetic and two I have not used any oil, same location on the dipstick. The CX-7 is a turbo and seemed to...
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    5w vs 0w & MPG claims

    AEHaas I do enjoy your articles as they are very well written. They have helped me a great deal in my understanding of oil and how it interacts with engines. I do have a question though, I have seen a few references where you talk about updating your articles. Would it be possible for you to...
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    Finally Did It - Waited 1 Year For Oil Change

    Sorry to hi-jack, but is that the Jim Allen who wrote the "4-Wheeler's Bible"? That is a great book, I refer to it often. You never know who you'll meet on these forums.
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    -->Mobil 1 0w20 "Green Cap?<--

    Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to continuing my education here.
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    -->Mobil 1 0w20 "Green Cap?<--

    You know that it is better because of the new green motif! I like it. I also decided to get some and do my first filter and oil change in our new CX-7. P.S. This is one fantastic site! I have learned so much with all the countless hours in reading. I also was on the fence about the thinner oils...