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    parts sold and fulfilled by amazon

    I buy NOTHING from Chinazon anymore, zero Too much fake garbage, end-to-end. The only thing I’ve bought there in the last couple years were, ironically, auto parts….a 25 pack of oil drain washers for my Accord, but that is pretty hard to screw up and was the end of my Chinazon purchasing...
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    BG engine flush de-sludge results

    This popped up on my youtube suggested videos, anyone ever used this stuff? Found the video interesting
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    OEM spec diff oil 85W90

    The LM is approved by Mercedes by name on spec 235.0, that means it’s up to the task and contains the right viscosity, protection, and additives for their differentials calling for 235.0 oil, it’s what I use as well in the CLK in my sig It would get my vote, pour it in and motor happily for 50k...
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    How much salt is usually on your vehicle in the winter?

    Lolwut The salt the absolute hell out of the roads in the Bellevue area when it snows or gets icy, my rigs were absolutely caked in after the recent storm They used to not salt or use ice melt in the past, but starting around ‘08 or so they’ve really gone overboard with it
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    Brake fluid flush for 9th generation Accord

    PB Blaster on the bleeder screws a few minutes before cranking them open will be your friend:)
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    2013 Tahoe diff oil recommendations?

    That’s pretty common in a lot of rigs, the Tundra in my sig gets both changed at the same intervals, but the front always looks worse, probably due to getting minimal use at operating temperature and a tiny bit of moisture finding its way in due to location, but i could be wrong in that
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    2002 Tundra 2uz-fe 4.7 v8 coolant leak

    Evening BITOG, So I’m looking for the source of a pooling-on-the-skidplate leak in the ‘02 Tundra 4.7 in my sig. earlier this year the OEM radiator blew up during a heatwave and was immediately replaced with a new Denso, 5k miles later that’s still in great shape. When I first saw antifreeze...
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    0w-16 makes your engine last 2x longer?

    I’m waiting for 0w-0 oil to make my engine last 200x as long
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    Would you change the timing belt?

    Thanks BITOG, you’ve given me the push i needed, I’ll order the kit and swap it all, including the serp belt and hydraulic tensioner
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    Would you change the timing belt?

    My sig ‘09 Accord 3.5 v6 has only 40k miles but is on the original belt, I’m going back and forth on whether I should replace it with the Aisin kit now, or wait until 60kish? What does the BITOG brain trust think? I’ve seen these things with 200k and 20yrs on the original belts, but I also...
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    Atf pan leak after topside fluid change (Ford AX4N)

    Nope had zero issues, the tube on the old Lincoln was pretty large and i was able to easily get down into the pan
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    Atf pan leak after topside fluid change (Ford AX4N)

    Thanks every, i did plenty of driving in warm enough weather at high speed to think all the spillage would be gone, but to be extra sure I went in there again with some light water pressure and really sprayed around underneath, going to monitor now and see where it goes over the next day or two
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    Atf pan leak after topside fluid change (Ford AX4N)

    Posted in trans/diff forum but later realized I should have posted here. Got an odd one, did a topside exchange on a Ford AX4N fwd 4 speed in a 2002 Conti and now have a small drip at the pan (it seems). I siphoned 8qts out of the ~10qt pan and poured back 8qts of Supertech Mercon V, drove it a...
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    Transmission pan leak after topside exchange (FOMOCO AX4N)

    Hello BITOG Got an odd one, did a topside exchange on a Ford AX4N fwd 4 speed in a 2002 Conti and now have a small drip at the pan (it seems). I siphoned 8qts out of the ~10qt pan and poured back 8qts of Supertech Mercon V, drove it a few hundred miles with some mountain and HEAVY Socal...
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    Valvoline “ easy packs “

    Haven’t seen them in person yet, sure wish they were around a couple months ago when i did the diff and transfer case in my RX350, bottle pump made a mess on the garage floor as usual
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    Cylinder deactivation?

    My Accord has ( had) it, but has been disabled since 29k miles with a vcm disabling device. It was known to cause tons of oil burning problems, spark plug fouling, vibration, drivability issues, as well as broken motor mounts. I’ve noticed no change in mpg with it disabled and the car is so...
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    how come so many people change to a thicker oil or think there oil is too thin?

    I’ll move up a grade if one of my rigs burns, like my old Accord that called for 5w20, burned a qt every 2k, moved to 5w30 HM and the burn basically ceased entirely with no other ill effects. I figure the extremely negligible dent to MPGs were worth it to keep oil in the sump and out of the cats
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    Poll: what'd you use in your WS-spec'd AT?

    Always, unless I’m doing multiple drain and fills over the course of a week or so, then I’ll just replace them after the final one
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    Replacing head gasket as part of preventative maintenance?

    Yep I vote leaving it alone best PM for head gasket IMO is frequent coolant drain and refills to keep that stuff good and fresh