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    New 2019 440I Convertible

    It's very hard to be perfect on this forum! Portugal it is. N55 B58. [censored] That's why I've been on this forum for a long time with very few posts. I'm a Harley driver and was absolutely slayed on a BMW Motorrad forum. Goes without saying I would rather slide down a board with nails than...
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    New 2019 440I Convertible

    Oh and yes B58. My mistake. The 435 was the B55. The neat thing is that I no longer have the big intercooler at the bottom of the grill. The intercooler on these engines is an air to water intercooler that sits under the intake plenum and circulates water to cool engine/Turbo. Bad thing is...
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    New 2019 440I Convertible

    Sorry guys. I was in the air. Yes manual says I can also use LL01 but LL-14FE+ was factory fill. Under the top of the hood there is a sticker that says 0W20. I will let the dealer service it so I guess either 0W20 or 0W30 is fine with me. My wife doesn't drive it too hard, usually when I drive...
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    New 2019 440I Convertible

    Thanks Pete. Really fun to drive. Top up you think you are in a coupe.
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    New 2019 440I Convertible

    Hello all. Just traded my wife's 2016 428IX Convertible for a new 2019 440IX Hardtop Convertible. It has the N58 inline Turbo 6. Spectacular motor. Was surprised to see BMW recommends 0W20 Synthetic. Thought these motors were 5W30. Pete
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    New Toro Personal Pace Super Recycler Mower 5 Hrs drain FF. Lots of glitter. In 13 ounces of Amsoil 10W30 Small Engine Oil
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    Rebuilt 454 in motorhome, oil weight

    Amsoil Signature Series 10W30 all day long. Nothin better for that BB Bow tie. If you want more Zinc use Z Rod 10W30. That thing will love it.
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    Toro TXP 159cc OHV - oil recommendations?

    Bought that exact mower, super recycler and have used it twice. After the 5th cut I'm going to run the Amsoil 10w30 small engine oil and change it every season.. had a JD JX 75 for 20 years that I just retired and that's what it got once Amsoil introduced it. Before that Amsoil 10w30 synthetic.
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    Veterans Day! - Thank you for your service

    The 11th Hour on the 11th day on the 11th month in 1918 WW1 ended and the day was named Armistice day. In 1954 it became Veterans Day to acknowledge the sacrifice of all veterans of all wars. God Bless America! Pete Vicente United States Navy
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    Well, I jumped on the ecoboost bandwagon...

    Congrats on the new truck. I have a 2013 FX 4 with the 3.5 Ecoboost. Great motors and great trucks. Enjoy the new ride!
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    2017 Ford F150 3.5 EcoBoost

    Well I've pulled a 10,000 skid loader a couple times and a 8000 lb rated Dual axle Motorcycle trailer with 2 Harley's and gear 4 adults plus a full truck bed quite a few times thru the mountains of West Virginia on vacation and it didn't even slow down on the hills. Cars were struggling up the...
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    2017 Ford F150 3.5 EcoBoost

    I'll have an order in for one as soon as they open it up. I love my 2013 FX4 and have been waiting for the 8-10 speed tranny to come along. The EcoBoost is a towing monster.. I would love a V-8 Ecoboost, but have never wanted for more power with the 3.5.
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    hedge trimmer blade resin cleaner and lubricant

    My Echo Dealer told me to spray the blades down with WD40. Works great. 5 years old and still like new.
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    New 2016 428IX convertible- 0W20

    Thanks Guys.. Real excited about our first BMW. Wife absolutely loves it. It even has neck warmers for cool top down driving. Truly a Mechanical showpiece!!
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    Trailer hitch saves my car again!

    Driving a car is the hardest thing a lot of people do during the day. There are so many bad drivers it makes me crazy!
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    New 2016 428IX convertible- 0W20

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Hope this worked!
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    New 2016 428IX convertible- 0W20

    Wish I could figure out how to post on here! Pete
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    New 2016 428IX convertible- 0W20

    Drove the 235ix Convertible too. What a hot-rod! Decided we wanted just a little bigger interior with a more useable rear seat, and also the Hard Top is just like driving a coupe with the top up. The 4 series Convertible is just a beautiful car, especially with the M Sport Pkg. Loved them both...
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    2016 Toyota 4Runner Factory Fill

    Congrats on the new vehicle! If it's like other Toyotas, it will run a very long time problem free. I usually go 5,000 miles on a first oil change in my vehicles, mostly Fords, and have had great luck. You don't want to change it too early and risk having break-in material still in the oil...