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    What are you working on today?

    I'm 82 years old and have been changing my own oil and filter for over 50 years, with only one exception. That exception was once when I was being treated for cancer and went to a quick oil change joints. I'm feeling better now and it was again time for an oil change. Out with the jack...
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    Gunsmith Recommendation- Restoration

    I followed videos made by an excellent restorer and one man shop for years. When I acquired my antique 1885 Winchester and contacted him about restoration, he replied that hes no was longer doing that work and was limiting his current work to rebarreling and cerakote coatings. I was devastated~!
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    About Ballistol

    I probably have 8-10 brands of firearmscleaners and preservatives on my shelf, but the G96 has always been my favorite. During my many shooting years I've gone through quite a few aerosol cans of G96 and will buy some more when the current one is empty,
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    "New" (Ruger) Marlin .45-70

    I'll stick with my 39-A built in 1957. Only owned it for the last two years and got it for $500. Outstanding condition~!!
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    ruger single six

    Beatcha~! Mine was made in 1961, so its 61 years old . It's got 3 screws, no ugly 'warnings' printed on the barrel, still has good timing (no scar on the cylinder), and is what I call a "keeper"~!
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    I've been changing oil and filter every 10,000 miles since the year 2000 when I bought my first used Lincoln Town Car. I've now owned several TCs and run each one about 150,000 miles. None have ever used and eyedropper's worth of oil between changes. I've always used CAM-2 5W-20 100%...
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    Quaker state full synthetic

    I've never taken the time to drink the Kool-Aid, and 10k mile oil changes with a high quality filter have served me well through 3 cars and just under 400,000 miles~!
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    Quaker state full synthetic

    My current 2006 Lincoln Town Car Sig Limited has 139K miles, uses no oil, gets an change with CAM2 5W-20 every 8K to 10K miles. Previous 2003 Lincoln Town Car Sig Limited traded at 176K miles, no oil consumption, same OC regimen. Before that was a 1997 Lin Tn Car traded driven 165K, same...
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    2021 statistics of "Post your latest oil change"

    Last change at 128,000 miles using fully synthetic CAM2 5W-20 in a 2006 Lincoln Town Car. Have used that brand and weight since the car had 50,000 miles on it. The engine is a 4.6 Ltr OHC V-8, doesn't use ANY oil between changes (10,000 miles between changes), and gets 20.9 mpg~! I've used...
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    Is 5W-20 to thin for my old Buick engine?

    Motor oil does not become thinner as the miles accumulate on it. It did back in the days of carburetors when we had cylinder dilution caused by the inefficiency if a carburetor. Today's cars have fuel injection systems and cylinder dilution is a thing of the past. Injection systems measure...
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    Has anyone used 0/5W20 in an old engine?

    In 1965 I bought a new Dodge Polara with the 383 cu in engine. I was told to use a thicker viscosity oil in it because of the "Soft crankshaft" that that engine had. I worked for Atlantic Richfield at the time and elected to use their 5W-20 year round. The engine ran smoothly, had plenty of...
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    Mobil 1: Odd Recommendation

    This story is somewhat related to the discussion of oil weights and vehicle manufacturer recommendations. My father bought a 1956 Studebaker Hawk with a 259 cu in solid lifter engine. Studebaker recommended a straight 30 wt oil. The dealer recommended 30 wt non-detergent oil. I think that...