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    U.S. Army wants a new gun

    I forgot about the whole made in America thing. I keep thinking Beretta=Italy. CZ <span style="font-style: italic">did</span> just start making a 1911 in the USA.......
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    U.S. Army wants a new gun

    CZ-75? It's the top choice for other military forces around the world. 9MM, double stack, all steel, proven reliability.
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    Bought my first firearm today

    I have a PA-63 and it's a fine gun. I got the recoil and hammer spring calibration packs from Wolff Gunsprings and they are great. The gun will cycle fine with the heaviest recoil spring installed. I use that one and the middle (11 lb?) hammer spring. Works and functions wonderfully. Keep some...
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    Is some pinging normal?

    On the inverse side of this, I have owned quite a few vehicles over the years that have had light pinging under heavy load or hard acceleration. As far as I'm concerned, it's completely normal and will not hurt anything. Moderate to heavy pinging is a different story.
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    Thoughts on Sig P938

    I recently bought a 938 (I also have a 238). I will never carry another gun. The 238 and 938 are AWESOME. Very little recoil, well built, accurate, and they have great sights. You won't be disappointed. My Walther PPK has more kick than the 938 does.
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    Anyone bring their own fluids to the dealership?

    At our Kia dealer, we have Castrol oil. Some folks don't like Castrol or have a fondness for another brand. We will just add their oil if they bring it along. We have no problem with it.
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    cz-usa owners out there?

    I have a new CZ-83 and a surplus CZ-82 with its original Zili Praha police holster. They are awesome shooters with good magazine capacity. The CZ-82 is chambered in 9x18 Makarov and has a chrome-lined polygon barrel. The CZ-83 is a .380.
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    maxlife update

    They are fun. They're easy to drive, small, and they handle really well.
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    maxlife update

    I've got an 86 Capri too! Greeting fellow Capri driver! I too often use Maxlife in mine and I've had excellent results as well. Mine is a 2.3L 4 cylinder with 221K miles.
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    Locking Lugnuts Do Not Fit

    I doubt this is a joke. This is truly how stupid most Pennsylvanians are- I know because I live here and I have to deal with this kind of "thinking" daily. All you have to do is read the Patriot News or Lancaster newspaper to solidify that this area is a gigantic magnet for people like this...
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    Toto toilets?

    Back when I was doing plumbing, my buddy and I had a job at a church that was doing a bathroom renovation. The one toilet was a Toto that was only a few years old. We asked them what their plans were for the uninstalled fixtures and they said they were going to throw them out. We saved them some...
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    Most Reliable Engine(s) Ever Made - Poll

    Ford 2.3L OHC motor (The 1974-1998 version, not the modern Duratec motors, although they are mighty reliable as well).
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Haven't posted on the thread in a while. I had all my Hi Fi stuff redone and it's up and operating. I just finished Foreigner 4, Simply Red's "Picture Book" and ABC's "Lexicon Of Love" albums on the turntable. Nothing beats the sound of an LP on some high quality audio equipment!
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    08 Focus. Possible tire issue?

    I dug out the alignment specifications sheet they gave me. There were several measurements that were severely off beforehand (Total toe in the front was excessively off, as was left and right toe, Right rear toe was also off) but were well within spec after the alignment. Side to side...
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    08 Focus. Possible tire issue?

    The dealer I took my car to told me about the upper control arms and told me that if mine were out of spec. he would let me know. He never said anything about it, so I assume they were fine. However, the back end of the car does still seem to kick around on some bumps. <div...
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    08 Focus. Possible tire issue?

    I had the dealer do a full inspection of the suspension since I knew it was wrecked at one time. During that inspection was when the issues were all discovered. All other suspension components were noted as in good condition with no wear or issues. I didn't get the exact specifications on the...
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    08 Focus. Possible tire issue?

    The alignment went fine and everything went into spec with no issues, so the unibody is fine. Body panel fitment is perfect too. Yea, these Pirellis are terrible. They are definitely the worst tires I've ever had on a car. They all but ROAR going down the road.
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    08 Focus. Possible tire issue?

    So I bought an 08 Ford Focus coupe with the 205-50-16 Pirelli P4 tires on it. The car has a little over 25K miles and had been wrecked and repaired several years ago. When I bought it, it had a bad LR wheel bearing and a bad RF axle jackshaft bearing. After replacement of those bearings, I had a...
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    Weird tranny shift?

    Easy- We're talking about automatic transmissions. You would be correct in saying with a manual that you need to let the car idle down and shift smoothly.
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    Weird tranny shift?

    That's a Ford thing. My 86 Capri even does it- and it's got 221K miles on it, so I don't think it hurts anything. My wife's Ranger does it, and every Escort I've had does it too. The key here, like has been mentioned above, is to keep good fluid in the transmission. It's amazing the difference...