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    Transfer case and transmission

    I have a 1998 Suzuki carry three cylinder 660 cc engine. The manual calls for G4 rated oil in the transfer case and the transmission. My local mechanic recommended General Motors Syncromesh. Does anybody have any idea if this would be OK?
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    Japanese Suzuki carry 1998….

    I really appreciate all your advice. I live on Vancouver island in British Columbia . We don’t normally get the heat you do but we are a rain forest and the humidity for sure . I have a friend who has basically given me the same advice you have but advised me to go to this site to get other...
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    Japanese Suzuki carry 1998….

    Thankyou for your answer but it brings me to another question since you use synthetic in everything. I have a Honda eu2000 generator . Would you also use synthetic In the generator as well?
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    Japanese Suzuki carry 1998….

    12,000 km. 3 cylinder. Is it ok to use synthetic ? The factory specs say mineral or semi synthetic. But I know a lot has changed since 1998.