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    Pics of cotten gauze vs paper under a microscope

    Very interesting. I'll stick with my Wix paper filters.
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    WIX Filters

    I just installed a Wix air filter in my '03 Accord. It looked well made and fit perfectly. The media was a little 'fuzzier' looking than the original equipment filter. I picked the Wix because of the 'diesel' filter study. It looked like it flowed a little better than some, and certainly...
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    Anyone have an '03 Accord?

    No. Forgive me. The more I think about this, the filter may not me correct for this car. I found the filter in the garage over the weekend. I thought it was the one I had bought for the Accord. It's the exact same size except for that tab. It may very well be the wrong thing. Please...
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    Anyone have an '03 Accord?

    Got the air filter housing open on my '03 Accord 4 cyl. The filter that I have to replace it does not have the large tab that is part of the original filter. This tab like thing is on the side of the filter that is toward the middle of the motor, not the fender side. Has anyone replaced their...
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    castrol 5w20

    I've been getting regular GTX in 5W-20 at Advance auto parts and Pep Boys. Syntec blend in 5w-20 I have not found yet.
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    1344 fits new 4 cyl Accords

    I just put the larger Napa 1344 (Wix 51344) on my '03 Accord 4 cyl. Fits just fine. I had only changed oil once before and I thought I remembered there being minimal space there for a larger filter, but I was wrong. There is plenty of space. So now I've got to buy a load of those Wix filters...
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    Will this fit an Accord?

    Bill I agree. I think the 1344 will be the best one; if it fits. I'll let you guys know when I try it.
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    Will this fit an Accord?

    Bill The filter I've got on now is the Purolater equivalent of the Napa (Wix) 1334. Since I put that on I have bought an actual Napa 1334 and a 1344. The 1334 is larger in diameter than the filter that is supposed to be on the car. The 1344 is the same diameter as the 1334, but the 1344 is...
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    Will this fit an Accord?

    Outlaw - I think I've got the equivalent Purolater on my '03, 4cyl Accord right now. It's wider in diameter than the one that was origonally on the car. It's the size that was speced for the '02 4cyl. So I think that you're OK diameter wise. What I really want to know is can I get the...
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    03 Accord 4 cyl using 51344 or 1344 ?

    Has anyone with a 4 cylinder '03 Accord successfully installed a Napa Gold 1344 or Wix 51344? I have only changed my oil once in this car so far, but if I remember correctly there was not a lot of room for extra length of a filter. I put a 1334 on last time. Anybody know for sure if there is...
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    Is Toyota Sienna a 'sludge monster'?

    Thanks guys. I stopped at the dealer today just to take a look at the Sienna, but it is already sold. The other van on my mental list is the Odessey. I'll probably just concentrate on finding a good used Odessey.
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    Is Toyota Sienna a 'sludge monster'?

    Hi We're considering a 2000 Toyota Sienna as our next minivan. That's got the 3.0 v6. Is that a motor that is considered a 'sludge monster'? All the reviews that I read were good, but thought I'd check with you guys on the motor. Thanks in advance for all help.
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    Where to find Castrol data sheets?

    I think if you go to their 'Ask the expert' section and email them with what you want, I have found that they always emailed back with a file containing the specs.
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    GC for my Accord?

    I don't post too often because you guys know way more than I do. But I love reading this board. Anyway, several questions: Does the German Castrol that everyone is whipped up about, only come in 0W-30? And if so, would I be able to use it in my '03 Accord with the 5W-20 specified? I look...
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    What is the shelf life?

    Thanks for the info, guys. I should be OK to buy another case or two. I'm not talking five years. I've got three cars to take care of. The farthest out it would last would probably be next spring.
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    What is the shelf life?

    Does anyone know what the shelf life is of the average oil sold in one quart containers? I decided to switch to Castrol GTX after reading the UOAs for it here. It also happens to be on sale now at Advance for 50 cents off a quart. So I already bought two cases (savings - $12). If I buy more...
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    What's your technique?

    Pablo - Over night. All right! I knew some of you guys would have me beat. Starbreaker - Did the same thing once with my Cub Cadet tractor. But I had removed the drain pan, so new oil was pouring onto the driveway. Never did that again either.
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    What's your technique?

    Forgot to mention that I do drive the car first to get it hot.
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    What's your technique?

    Since I'm too technically challenged to add anything to this forum except questions, I thought I'd share my technique for changing oil. So for all you OCDers out there, here goes. After getting the front of the car elevated, I remove the plug and leave it out for five to ten minutes. Then I...
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    What are your top two?

    Seems like there are at least three ways of measureing oil filters: flow, filtering ability, and construcion of the filter. Considering those three things, what would be your top two filters?