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    6 Best Selling Oils retested at PQIA

    Of the 6 oils tested here which would be a good choice for cold Alaska winters?
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    2003 Toyota Camry, Alaska Temps, What oil?

    Fairbanksan here. Block plug, oil pan heater (75 watt will do) battery pad or blanket or trickle charger. I recommend a transmission heater also, -47F my transmission temp was 56F. Get a timer for your plugins. Even when it is the coldest 3 hours will be enough to get you going. Oil I have used...
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    For those who run summer dino/winter syn OCI's

    '92 Mazda Protege, Mobil 1 0w30 winter, on sale dino 5w30 summer. '11 Ford F150 Mobil 1 5w30 winter, Motorcraft 5w20 summer. Oil pan heater on the F150 without heater on the Mazda.
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    does anyone notice clutch issues in the cold

    My '92 Protege shifted hard in subzero temps. I replaced the gear oil in the trany with ATF, problem solved.
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    Favorite Polish/Wax

    Another Collinite 845.
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    Post your annual milage on your DD

    Maxima, it's a'92 Mazda Protege.
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    Post your annual milage on your DD

    DD has 56,600 miles in 19yrs of ownership. Or about 2,950 miles per year.
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    winter oil

    My daily vehicle, '92 Mazda Protege with SOHC 1.8 L usualy runs on Mobil1 5W30 in the winter w/o having a oil pan heater. No starting issues in 19 winters.
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    While being stationed at Ft. Wainright in interier Alaska early to mid '90's Mobil's diesel rated synthetic was used in Humvees.
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    Checking B&S oil level.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Checking B&S oil level.

    Thanks yeehaw.
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    Checking B&S oil level.

    My Snapper has a B&S engine, what is the proper technic for checking the oil level? Is it when the the dip stick stops after inserting into the engine or after the quarter turn to lock it in place?
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Snapper with B&S 6.5 Hp. Chevron Supreme 30, out and in.
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    Post your latest oil change

    '92 Mazda Protege, Mobil Super 5000 10w30, Fram filter.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2000 F150 Mobil Super 5000 5w20, Motorcraft FL 820S. 2005 Caravan Mobil Super 5000 5w20 Mopar M-90.
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    Squirrels - I really hate them

    Fresh soiled cat litter will keep then away.
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    Are you brand Loyal?

    Have been using YB in the summer and PP winter. Today I purchaced Mobil 5000 for my summer oil based on the recent comparison chart I read on this site.
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    What to clean the inside of an aluminum tank??

    Product called Alumaclean, comes in gallon jugs, also works on stainless steel.
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    What Kind of Car Did You Learn Stick Shift On?

    My friends '56 bel aire 4 door sedan.
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    Average Oil Changes Per Year

    I change all my vehicles in April and September.