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    How many people are using really old PCs on a daily?

    Dell Studio XPS 1640 built in 2009. I bought it used in 2011. Previous owner maxed it out when ordering it back then, so has some future-proofing. It has an SSD from 2009 that is, I think, old enough to NOT be able to TRIM manually. I used it as a gamer for 10 years. Now it is a Linux hobby and...
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    Post Your Latest Coolant Change.

    2015 Mazda 5 Out: fairly fresh Pentosin A3 -- In: Air THEN.... Out: Air -- In: new Pentosin A3 Ya, this is a trolling! Had a loose upper radiator hose clamp that had the rez emptied by the time I saw it... maybe a week max since last check. Corrected it and refilled. Problem with cars...
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    Closest equivalent to Mazda's Type FL22 Coolant?

    Is Pentosin A4 a Mazda FL22 equivalent?
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    Debating a Mazda 6 or CX-7

    I will second the recommendation for the Mazda 6 and the Mazda 5. I have the two in my signature. Both were bought used with very low miles in 2016. I will say that the 5 is a bit more worn out cuz it is my wife's car. Both have been pretty dang solid runners. Now they are at 140,000+ on each.
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    Closest equivalent to Mazda's Type FL22 Coolant?

    Yo BITOG crew. I appreciate this thread as I have two Mazdas now with Pentosin A3. Before it goes stale, might we agree on a definitive list? Mazda FL22 - P-HOAT - premixed 55/45 Zerex Asian - blue Peack Original Equipment Asian - green Pentosin A2 - green and is not premixed Pentosin A3 -...
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    I do my own haircut. How about you?

    I started cutting my own in early 2020. As expected, was a devastating learning curve. Now, I can do a basic fade without looking in a mirror. If I mess it up, it is usually on the shortest parts of the cut which blends away within a day or two. The front/bangs I pull out with my fingers and...
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    Thrive oils

    My local trusted mechanic has used Thrive for quite a long time (before a supply/delivery problem of the past couple of years). It was the basic brand for 3k-5k-7k OCI offerings. The cars in my sig ran it for the majority of their lives. Each is ~140,000 miles, now. Their data sheets and are...
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    What’s your thermostat set to any why? Heat source?

    Gas forced air. 68 degrees f during the day. 67 or 66 at night. I work from home and use an oil-filled space heater to augment which affects things to some literal degree. No, I don't know what brand or grade of oil the space heater is running! Oh wait... that was some BITOG reflex!
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    My old cat passed

    Sorry for the loss of Rex. Glad he was here so long.
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    What're your first dent thoughts for a daily driver ("freeing" vs. unpleasant)

    My first dent on the 2013 Mazda 6 in the signature was the first day after buying it... the inaugural drive with the new car. Went to see my daughter's softball game. Knowing this is a ballgame, I park at the very back of the lot which is very far away from the BACK of the actual field. Lucky...
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    20w-50 in 2010 Outback 2.5

    Is this a trustworthy local guy? If so, it might be worth accepting what he says. Is 20w50 "allowed" in the manual? Feel very free to ask him questions. The jump from 5w30 to 20w50 is a bit wide with a lot of common grades in between..
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    When to change mower oil

    The push mower in my signature was acquired from someone who never changed the break in oil. I suspect maybe 5 years/summers. I serviced it every spring with Rotella T6, most recently T6 15w40. Last year, I only ran it half the usual time and didn't change the oil this season... with BITOGs...
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    Post your latest oil change

    The Mazda 5 in the sig was lubed with Ridgeline 0w20. 140k mile service. This time, I asked about the bulk brand changes the past couple of months. The reason is the supplier issues. The intent is for Cam2 and Ridgeline to be temporary while the chain to US Lubricants (makers of Thrive) gets...
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    Post your Gas Mileage : Calculated

    2013 Mazda 6 Last trip was ~500 miles with about 2/3rd non-interstate at ~60mph and 1/3rd interstate at ~70mph. There was low wind overall, so pretty much not a factor. The dash gauge reads 33.3 mpg average over trip. The tankful prior to this trip sat for about 3 weeks with a dose of Stabil 360...
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    Do you prefer annuals or perennials?

    Perennials. My wife needs the plants to have their own will to live to be a successful gardener.
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    Chrysler 62TE transmission - ok to suck fluid out of dipstick tube and refill?

    If extract and refill is easy enough to do, might as well do it fairly regularly.
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    Oil as undercoating to slow down rust

    Might it be possible to paint on oil and then "cook" it on with a heat gun or something? I'm thinking about what happens to cast iron pans if that could be something on underbody parts. I know it is a wild arse thought.
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    Help! Can you identify this transmission fluid in an A541E Tranny?

    AC Delco branded Dex 6 is colored "amber" according to their data sheet. I don't know about Dex earlier than 6, but, it is feasible it is the proper ATF and just looks like motor oil and darkened with age and use. Now is your chance to make it all right!
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    How do you feel about debt?

    Leveraging debt as an income strategy can be useful, particularly if you have no money to start with, but, debt eventually comes due. So, use it with care. Otherwise, I hate debt. Too many people in my life have been destroyed by too much debt or thinking they have plenty of time to pay it...