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    Amazon Basics 0W-40 Euro 5-qt $6.72 @ AMZ limit 6

    My analysis is as follows: it's pretty good oil.
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    Hot Rod Magazine article on diesel oil use in gasoline engines

    I've used Rotella in my CBR's (600 F4i and 1000rr) and my FZ1 for 12 years and 20k miles without a single issue to speak of.
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    Switching brands almost every oil change

    Ive been doing this exact thing for about 15 years. Used to use Havoline conventional every time (that's what my dad always used), then I started searching out sales on synthetic oils and have not used the same oil more than 2 or 3 changes in a row since, even some frankenbrews when cleaning...
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    Mechanic won’t use oil I’ve chosen

    This is the correct answer! I am a maintenance supervisor for 18 mechanics in an industrial manufacturing plant and have managed production lines with as many as 60 direct reports at one point. I agree with everything here especially documentation. If a conversation isn't documented, it didn't...
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    Hype behind Shell Rotella T6?

    I've been using Rotella in metric bikes for 12 years. Honda CBR 600 F4i, CBR1000rr, and a Yamaha FZ1. I've noticed the t4 15w-40 seems to shift better in the bikes I've had than the t6 5w-40, but have put a ton of miles on with Rotella in the sump and it's all I will use.
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    Bass Pro Shops 4 stroke oil

    Does anyone have any experience using the Bass Pro Shops 4 stroke outboard oil? I realize it's non-synthetic, but it appears to be FCW certified and is priced at $10 per gallon on sale (less than 1 quart of Yamalube). Is the stuff any good, or does the old adage of "if it sounds too good to...
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    Quaker state ultimate durability in a 2.0 EcoBoost?

    I've been using it in my 3.5 EcoBoost for 3 years, I'm a fan. It's one of the quieter oils I've used in my EcoBoost. Menards used to have it on sale for $3 per quart after rebate a few times a year and i stocked up.
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    Frequent oil changes cause more wear?!

    While I agree with everything you stated, I think Ford's cam phaser issues are a design flaw more than anything. Mine failed at 14k with the first oil change at 1,250 miles and every oil change at 5k or less (with full synthetic) there after. The pickup had 4 oil changes by 14k and the phasers...
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    LSPI - Do we have the “Solution”, or it is still a project in the making?

    I wish it was only $2-3 per full up for 91 octane. They get an additional $.60 - .70 per gallon here, with a 36 gallon tank that adds up quick.
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    Any other short changers out there?

    Growing up my dad insisted that oil is cheap, engines are not. He always changed at 2,000 miles when I was a kid, and his pickup to this day is spotless under the oil cap and valve covers - no varnish on anything inside. Before switching careers, I was an auto tech around the time manufacturers...
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    LSPI - Do we have the “Solution”, or it is still a project in the making?

    This. I ran ethanol free 91 octane exclusively when it was 10-15 cents more per gallon. But at the current 60 cents per gallon increase where I live, it doesn't pencil out compared to 87, unless I'm towing.
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    Yamaha SHO Oil

    Mostly I feel Yamalube is premium price for average protection. Full disclosure: I have no UOA or VOAs to base my opinion on, just observations of OEM branded fluids. I'm not one of the Amsoil fanboys, but I do think they make good products, and I can purchase full synthetic Amsoil for the same...
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    Yamaha SHO Oil

    I ultimately decided to go with Amsoil at least through the warranty period. However, I never did the 20 hour post break-in oil change as there were issues with the hull so Skeeter decided in August to replace the whole package under warranty. Due to circumstances, I'm just scheduled to take...
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    2008 Liberty OLM Update.

    I agree with this. My F150 has an engine hour timer for total hours and engine idle hours (~11% for me) as well as a timer and mpg average for both trip 1 and 2. I always use one of the trips as the counter for the oil change, and change when my OLM hits 30%. I fall in the severe service...
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    Used oil used in new motor oil

    In my area, it was a dollar more per quart than regular valvoline. While I was a skeptic to begin with, I soon understood that it was a higher quality initial product than crude. ....still wasn't paying more for it than "regular" oil.
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    2018 3.5 Eco boost cold engine rpm acceleration/deceleration rattle and viscosit

    My 2018 3.5 EcoBoost cam phasers failed at 14k miles, with oil changes every 4,500 - 5k. It got QSUD 5w-30 and/or Mobil 1 0w-30 (Mobil 1 was in at the time of failure). I don't think oil has anything to do with the phasers failing - it's a flawed design. Ford has had issues with cam phasers...
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    Most resilient oil to GDI intake desposits please

    This ☝️. Ford went to this as well in 2017. I think it's the best way to keep intake deposits at an acceptable level while still relying on direct injection in gasoline engines.
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    0W-30 in "cheap" synthetics

    It probably won't buy much, it was more curiosity. My manual specs 0W in temps below -20°, which it regularly is in the winters in Northern South Dakota. I was more curious than anything, didn't know if there was a difference in base stocks or something that deterred more value priced...