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    Soil @ 43°F (6°C): Deploy Crabgrass Preventer or wait to 50 (10)?

    Last year I used Prodiamine WG (yellow powder) and applied in a sprayer in April, and wish I would have reapplied in may/june as a later germination of crabgrass came in with hot weather. My suggestion is to put down a pre-emergent just before you start mowing and again in a month to carry you...
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    Options for first ever oil analysis

    I use Blackstone for ease of access. I also used Polaris Labs (Oil Analyzers) through Amsoil and their report is detailed. Insurance sent in some samples to ALS Tribilogy and their reports were total crap.. Check out the services or tests from Blackstone, you will be impressed with what they can...
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    Meguiars Ceramic wax and Utimate wax

    Not sure if you found your answer, but I used the Meguirs Detailer Ultimate Quick Wax, it is easy to apply and lasts about a month in summer weather. Per the previous post, switched to Turtle Wax because it seems to last longer and is comparable to the viscosity of Optimum spray wax. There is...
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    Diesel Propane injection ??

    Propane helps the fuel ignite faster (cold start systems have a propane bottle) and it is more practical to just use a Cetane Booster and people using Power Service DieselKleen rave about the boost in performance from the increased cetane rating. Those DIY Hydrogen kits do about the same thing.
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    Why is mid grade more expensive

    Its my understanding the gas is the same and blended with an additive to modify the octane rating.
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    Meguiars Ceramic wax and Utimate wax

    I was using the Ice spray wax (blue spray bottle) and switched to the new ceramic and applied two coats with a two day cure between applications. The paint shines well and it beads water like mad even after a month of exposure to the elements. The spray wax is very easy to apply and Turtle Wax...
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    vw - adding external trans filter

    The filter I suggest is a WIX 51269 (hydraulic filter) because of the 8 psi bypass and the beta ratio of 6/20=5/17 and it works very well on a transmission cooler line. not sure about the filter you suggested as the numbers suggest it may be a fuel filter.
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    Detriot Axle brake kit review

    Last summer I bought a cheap set of brakes from MAX BRAKES because of the youtube videos and priced at 60 bucks from Amazon. The rotors were from China and the pads are low quality (dont stop great and make a lot of dust) can't really complain because they do work at a reasonable level.. Plan to...
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    PQIA Issues An Alert!

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Stickygreen</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Scary thing it has several positive reviews on eBay. Could they be legitimate? The reviews...not the oil</div></div> Some reviews are fake because there are FaceBook groups to...
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    confused? dealer oil change conflicts...

    Just remember that the OEM is under pressure from the EPA to reduce waste and the monitoring system is not that reliable to make your vehicle last past the warranty. IMO I would drop the oil at 5K intervals and not push your luck with a major repair. There is a FORD guy on youtube and these are...
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    Basic 4 bbl carb question

    Typically a carb with a high float (heavy float) will be hard to start or run rough, this can be a leaky needle valve also. Metering rods can also be stuck in the rich position flooding the engine at low speeds.. Your question was not clear if you are having problems or just need some info...
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    Dirty rim on pickup

    I used Meguirs Hot Rims (Walmart) with an old scotchbrite pad and/or a parts brush, it removed the lacquer paint from the center caps. The wheels look really great as compared to the prior condition. A few years ago, I used Eagle-1 acid wheel cleaner (from Autozone) and it really worked well...
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    Frustrated By Heavily Oxidized Headlights? Here's What Worked

    I use this stuff from Turtle Wax made for headlights (T-43) its a Headlight Cleaner and Protectant. Its not really sold in stores but Amazon has it at a low price and a bottle lasts forever. If the lights are real bad, I wet sand with 2500 and polish with a foam pad on a drill. Looks amazing...
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    Liqui-moly motor saver and mos2

    I used one can to 9 qts of oil and it worked well for me. I have little experience with the product.
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    Decent 3-oz grease gun?

    I never did understand the 3-oz grease cartridges because they are expensive for a little dab of grease. Its also a trend that there is no longer any demand to have a grease gun for vehicle service. I like greaseable chassis parts because a little can dramatically extend the life of aftermarket...
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    Liqui-moly motor saver and mos2

    I used Motor Saver and the front seal quit slinging oil, used a 2nd can when the valve seals were causing excessive smoking. I really don't think you need to use it with every oil change.
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    Don't laugh at me..(snowblower oil question)

    I used to run the Ams small engine oil (10w30/30w) and never had any issues except it was a little thick to start. I tried Rotella 5w40 and it was too thick to start cold. I use any 5w30 I use in my car and really have never had any issues. There is no real reason to spend extra money on a...
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    Nu Finish - Second coat beneficial?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by skyactiv</div><div class="ubbcode-body">You'd be better off to use a spray detailer or quick wax. I'd use Turtle Wax Ice Seal N Shine Spray Wax after your next wash. <a...
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    Sway Bar Bushings on Windstar van

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Trav</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I use this on all sway bar bushings, it holds up for years and does not damage the rubber or poly. It has ptfe and graphite solids and will not wash out. <a...
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    Sway Bar Bushings on Windstar van

    I'm in the process of replacing everything that is a concern related to the safety inspection. Just finished replacing almost everything on the braking system.