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    Nissan VQ30DE Quaker state Defy 5W30

    amen my 98 infiniti I30 has around 310,000 on it with a steady diet of PP the 30 and 35 are simply terific engines
  2. J

    Replacement for RIG?

    Eezox is very good as is Corrsion-X
  3. J

    Corrosion X

    CorrsionisX and Eecox are the two best for rust prevention. Good for storing your weapons. I never use them for lubrication as there are better products for that.
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    Anyone have experience with the Infinity I30?

    I have a 98 that has 163,000 on it perfect reliability I did a autoRx on it prior to changing to Mobil one at 35,000 change the tranny fluid bout every 35,000 and your good to go. knock snesors and O2 sensors are bout it other than a water pump at some point