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    Any handyman near or in Springtown, Tx?

    Hey, when I was wiring up my shop and needed a licensed electrician to in stall some things for me, I used Williams Electric Company. His rates were very reasonable and he did good work.
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    MS-12633 Oil Spec

    So, would I be wrong to take it that if any oil meets the API SP and ILSAC GF-6 specifications, it would meet the old MS-12633, and therefor be good for use in the engine as if it was MS-12633?
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    Stellantis MS-A0921

    Will be around 1700 with PUP and OEM filter. After that every 5-6000 miles.
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    MS-12633 Oil Spec

    JJ, chances are any 0W-40 would be just fine in this engine, but with the infamous "hemi tick" a possibility, I want to use a recommended oil. I would just like to know what exact ingredient/ingredients must meet a certain ppm threshold to get the certification.
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    MS-12633 Oil Spec

    I have seriously considered the top of the line Castrol, and may go to it when I am done with my 4 free oil changes. I have around 1700 miles on it now and will be doing an early change today with the PUP and OEM filter, then go by the NO MORE THAN 6k intervals after that.
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    MS-12633 Oil Spec

    I have a new 2022 Ram Power Wagon that calls for 0W-40 oil that meets the MS-12633 specification. PUP 0W-40 meets that spec and is called for by name in the owners manual. There are I think two others, Red Line and Amsoil, that are supposed to meet this spec, but I do not want to use a hard to...