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    Wather PPK 380

    I would feel sorry for your unit armorer. I worked with a guy that believed that oil attracted dirt and that you could clean a Glock in the dishwasher. Turns out that after a while of removing all the lube and not adding any new the slide will seize on the frame. The slide and barrel didn't...
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    Wather PPK 380

    I would suspect (and hope) some of the time allocated for reload training and other revolver specific manual of arms tasks would be re-allocated to other aspects. BSW
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    Wather PPK 380

    I only have personal anecdotes to share. I'm not pretending it's a comprehensive data set. I suspect that easier/shorter training, better qualification scores, and the lower cost of semi-auto pistols also played a role in their adoption in addition to higher capacity. BSW
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    Wather PPK 380

    There are much better options than the PPK. It's a classic piece but there are objectively better pistols available now. If you want one because you want one, that's fine too, but just by weight and size and ergonomics there are better choices. As far as revolvers go, they are less reliable...
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    A different Type of Oil Recommendation - Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

    The Lubriplate or generic vacuum pump oil will work just fine. Depending on the model of vacuum, pump you may have a 'gas ballast' valve. That will allow a little bit of air to leak in and reduce the ultimate pressure you can reach (not that important for food bagging) bt the gas ballast will...
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    Pistol slide wear

    Revolvers are anything but simple. The clockwork mechanism must work perfectly to keep the revolver timed, a grain of debris or loose screw can lock up the cylinder to the point where it won't rotate*, and the crane is delicate and prone to bending if abused. I've seen more revolvers quit...
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    Can Renaissance Wax be used on internal (as well as external) firearm components?

    BoeShield is designed to protect metals from corrosion. It’s a very thin fluid that’s creepy and flows well in between joined metal parts. It dries to a waxy film and has anti corrosive additives. You can get it online or at bicycle shops where it gets used on chains. BSW
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    Personal defence vs STD rounds

    With modern JHP ammunition is an important provision there. All handgun cartridges suck. They are all weak when compared to a 12 gauge shotgun or a centerfire rifle (yes, including .223 Rem). Between modern ammo in 9mmP, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP I’ve yet to be convinced that there is any...
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    Clean your guns..

    At a minimum I try to get the bore and any gas fouling wet with lube* before I leave the range. I’m perfectly fine with letting that sit for a few weeks before I get around to actually cleaning. Stripping and cleaning is also a opportunity to find any broken parts or abnormal wear and fix...
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    Cam pin?

    What is the gun? If the part is available it’s probably going to be a lot cheaper than making one once you pay for machine tool time. If the part isn’t available I’d use McMaster Carr for a source for stock. They aren’t the cheapest but they will sell you one part with no minimum order...
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    If your red dot has a limited FOV you’re using a cheap red dot. Aimpoints and the like have essentially a unlimited FOV only limited by the diameter of the tube. With some practice using one my brain ignores the shadowing caused by the out of focus tube and merges the inside and outside views in...
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    You can sometimes find used Aimpoints on for under $400, new Aimpoint Pros retail for about $450 with a mount, when there isn’t a plague going on
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    The good red dot sights (Aimpoint & Trijicon) don’t have any significant parallax. Even if your eye is off axis and you can only just see the dot at the edge of the tube if the dot‘s on the target, press the trigger and get a hit. The problems with red dots are: If you have any astigmatism a...
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    Paint to make sights visible at night?

    Trijicon HD sights have a large (glow in the dark) paint dot that’s protected by a clear overlay. It’s very bright in day light, glows for a while when it’s dark, and has a tritium tube in the middle when there is absolutely no light and you can’t charge the paint with a flashlight. BSW
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    How a handgun works

    That’s likely to touch a few nerves. Not mine since I agree with you but they don’t call it the ‘Cult of the 1911’ for nothing. BSW
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    Clean after every shoot?

    Depends on circumstances. I like to get any gun I’ve fired wet with solvent the same day. Actual cleaning I might delay a couple weeks. By that time the solvent has mostly loosened all the fouling and it just wipes off. BSW
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    Number of Spare Magazines You Consider Adequate?

    When there isn't a global plague I usually shoot a pistol match that needs about 200 rounds and a rifle match where I need about 120 rounds monthly. My goal is to have 18 to 24 months supply on hand to support the matches I shoot. I don't want to be forced into buying ammo when it 150-200%...
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    Best pistol grip tactical shotgun <$1000

    It's a bad time to be shopping for any guns right now, though normally I'd agree with finding a decent Benelli, Beretta, or FN auto loader. BSW
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    ultimate home defense

    Are we defending against the Zulu or the Sioux? BSW
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    Budget In-ear hearing protection?

    I've been using these since 2016 and recommend the highly: <a href=""...