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    2013 6.7 F350 LE 5w40 9500mi

    Hi folks, as a previous user of LE products I would suggest to give it a second try.My engine was a 7.3 psd which is completely diferent but my uoa was fantastic.I dont know if many people know about this company, which is on the top as r&d developers, the two global players are lubrication...
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    ??Longest OCI on 6.0 Powerstroke w/UOA to Back

    Well,couldn't sleep so i'll bring this one back from the dead,aside from te 7.3 van i got my self a second 2006 6.0 psd van,first year ran amsoil ame 15w40,with 15k oci then second year and a half shaeffers 9000 on 15k oci both oils perform great on uoa but amsoil used 2qts per 15k,thats when i...
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    Lubrication Engineers

    Hi mates,is an old thread but would like to contribute some insight to present or future users,i ran the all trans 1150 tranny fluid on a 4r100 for the past 5 years so far so good,i'm at 200k with the same tranny with more than 150 passes at the drag strip,also ran monolec 8800 engine oil for...
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    lubrication engineers monolec 8800 uoa

    Sorry about the double post,still learning so bare with me on that,filter is K&N hp6001 or fleetguard 9027 when available ,and yes you are right 80e most of the time.I would like to know if using a cetane boost (amsoil)would help to maintain TBN since it helps catalizing the fuel for a cleaner...
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    lubrication engineers monolec 8800 uoa

    am going to try doing it manualy truck is 2002 E350 7.3psd 6,000 miles on the oil al 2,chrom 2,iron 18,copper 4,lead 5,molybdenum 42,nikel 1,silicon 5,sodium 7,calcium 1287,magnesium 1001,phosphorus 1145,zinc 1340,[email protected] 70 [email protected] 12.95,flashpoint 410,fuel%.5,insolubles0.3,TBN 6.6.what do...
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    lubrication engineers monolec 8800 uoa

    upss not able to upload the image ,I dont see the file manager"function pop up can someone help?
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    lubrication engineers monolec 8800 uoa

    hi this is my first post,been reading for a long time and thought i might share my uoa with you guys,Ive learn a lot from you,for that am grateful looking to hear from you guys thanks in advance.My truck is an E350 7.3 psd with dp tuner chip with 80econo,120race file,airdog fuel filtration,oil...