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    STP S7317XL Cut Open

    Not "can" but choose to "do"
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    Are all valve stem caps the same? Where do you buy yours?

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    Are all valve stem caps the same? Where do you buy yours?

    My Subaru Forester has some longer-than-usual caps that screw all the way down to the valve stem body. Regular caps won't do that, so I had to order them.
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    Pentastar 3.6 Charger-Amsoil 5w20

    The horror of capital letters. Maybe some people have a seizure when they see them.
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    Elderly driving, taking away their keys.

    That is your opinion. What has happened for you to come to that conclusion?
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    Bosch Reman Alternator

    Ah, yes...good question; good to see a thinking man on the forum.
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    How does someone even become an "Independent Expert" on watch authenticity? Specifically Rolex

    One thing the Chinese have not copied, yet, the genuine Rolex has a free-sprung balance wheel with timing screws on the balance and no regulator pin. the Chinese have not copied that.
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    Why shorter OCI with non-synthetic?

    Oh my, I guess one excuse is as good as another when it comes to the need to change oil.:)
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    Newer Subaru shake problem?

    I think your advice is spot on. Start with the simplest potential cause and work from there.
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    Are sagging headliners a thing of the past?

    I just had one replaced on a 2007 Honda Accord due to extreme sagging.
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    2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L ATF Change questions

    Yes, you can drain cold, measure the amount drained, and fill it with the same amount. If you are going to do this 2 or 3 times, always drain cold and follow the procedure for the first drain. This is what I do on my Volvo and it works just fine. The first change is the most important to get...
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    Sealed transmissions.

    If it has factory fill, Drain it cold-measure amount-put same amount back in. No need to measure temp which you have to do if you drain it hot.
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    Any ideas on this noisy 2009 Corolla?

    I had a noise primarily just afer starting that was coming from that area on my 2001 corolla, and it turned out to be the belt tensioner.
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    Updated spec oils in older spec engines

    Right, but I was responding to "But what if the factory spec'ed lubricant and service intervals were inadequate?" So, since there are no perfect oils and they continue to improve, one could say that "all factory spec'ed oils and service intervals are inadequate", and that is proved by the...
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    Updated spec oils in older spec engines

    How would you determine that with real data, rather than anecdotal claims?
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    Updated spec oils in older spec engines

    If the less expensive modern oil exceeds the original equipment oil specs, then there is little difference in the life of the engine using more expensive oil using the original recommended OCI and driven as a normal average vehicle, IMO.
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    Canadian Andre Grasse wins gold in Men’s 200 m

    Congrats, but running the 200m isn't the only athletic event in the Olympics.
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    Watch Time

    They make very sturdy watches. I have an amphibia dive watch. But wait, you said automatic, then you said hand winding only. They make both.
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    Syria's airspace closing (for now)

    Who told you it was written off.? ( Russian propaganda?)Be careful what you believe. "The IDF confirmed those details to Israeli media outlets: “During a training sortie two hits were found on the plane, following to a collision with a bird. After an evaluation and assessment of the damage...