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    New Zero Turn Tires

    I went with a similar tire on my big Toro ZTR. I mow everything from turf to ditches and yes those tires work well. Take your time when turning on your "nice" turf and they will work great.
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    Help me pick- ZT mower maintenance

    That is a really good suggestion!!
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    Ever break a chainsaw chain?

    I have broke off teeth but not broke a chain. Usually happens when I fine a nail or fence wire deeply embedded in a tree.
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    40% off at Direct Tool Outlet plus free (save $15) shipping

    I just bought a couple impact drivers and batteries. Seems like a great price. Batteries have a lifetime warranty!
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    Nonstop Running (8th day) for EU2000

    Rumcapital23 I'm glad to hear that all is well. Any 15w40 diesel oil will hold up and fit the bill. Check the oil level like you have been doing during fueling and change when due. It's not rocket science just due diligence. I will say that a spare fan to help keep the genny cool is beneficial...
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    Buying House on 1.1 Acres. Need Zero-Turn Lawnmower and Weedeater/Blower Recommendations.

    I get where you are at as I have been there. New house, 2 kids and another on the way. Lots going on and you don't want to be mowing the yard for 3 hours at a whack. So what I suggest in order from a cost point/productivity view is....... #1, Hydro walk behind, 48 to 60" deck, must have a...
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    What's your factory carry ammo, and why?

    Cor Bon 357 mag 125 grain in my snubby Remington 357 mag 158 grain soft point in my hunting pistol .45 ACP - any 230 grain FMJ because a .45 starts out as a .45.
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    Toro Suzuki 2 stroke vs 4 stroke: What would you choose?

    Buy the 2 stroke. Run Amsoil sabre in it plus premium fuel. Look up the engine and see what parts are still available.
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    The BEST engine Kawasaki ever made!!
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    2019 Honda Rebel 300 knocking...

    Awesome results!! I bet all will be fine with that bike. Have the kid ride it and let us know if anything pops up.
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    What's your favourite rifle?

    I have the 552 Speedmaster. First rifle I bought at 18. It is a good shooter!!
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    Got a MTD riding mower - Can't Find Any Info On it.

    I had the same mower. Cut 1 acre with it each week. Shouldn't be too hard to find a rebuild kit or a new carb. I would take the carb apart and see what it needs. You can make a gasket if needed. I recall that mower holds 1.5 gallons of fuel. Keep the air filter clean and it will run many years...
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    Engine hours

    And A quality syn oil!!
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    New engine oil question

    Any 10w30 or 10w40 oil will work. Run it 5 to 8 hours then drain and fill with the Kohler oil.
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    Great bass playing in a song

    Cream --Brave Ulysis-- Jack Bruce at his finest!!!
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    Rebuild or replace?

    Do the swap if time is a consideration. A rebuild will take a bit of time and likely a few snags along the way. Provided the valve guides are not bad then you are looking at new rings, lap the valves, hone the cylinder wall, carb kit, head gasket, decarbon the head and check the valve lash. If...
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    Kohler engine oil

    Any API certified oil will work provided it is 30 wt and above. Syn or dino, either will work. 15w40 or straight 30wt is what I use if running dino oil. I prefer Mobil1 if we are talking syn oil.
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    K46 1st oil Change Question

    M1 15w50 won't let you down!!