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    New compass - sort of

    that's one thing i always wanted was a compass. looked at several over the years but never knew which was a good one
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    Reusable water bottles hold more bacteria than toilet seat, study finds

    my water bottle gets washed daily. Can't believe some wash theirs like every few days or longer
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    What kind of oil do you use?

    most of the time NAPA dino or super tech
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    Alignment after steering rack replacement?

    alignment for sure, no need for guessing.
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    Have you ever had to replace an engine in a car?

    yep did a few in my younger days, last one i recall was a 307 in a 70 Chevelle replaced it with a junk yard fresh 307
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    Car Features You'd Pay To Remove

    all I need is a standard shift, AM- FM and a heater need for any of the other stuff.
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    What happens to old cardboard?

    at work, we get what seems to be tons of cardboard. It all goes into the dumpster then to the land recycling place anywhere close to us
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    Car shopping time, ugh

    I remember when car shopping was fun, times have changed.
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    Post office is officially a joke

    I know my local post office sure isn't what it used to be
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    KROIL For Cleaning Firearms?

    I've never tried it but have heard that it can be used with good results.
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    How did you meet your wife/husband/partner/significant other?

    I worked at a mom-and-pop auto parts store and tire shop. the tire changers were done with her car, and it was raining so I volunteered to get her car a drive it up to the front of the store,30 years later we're still married..
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    Projects you made in shop class that you still have?

    i still have a jewelry box i made in shop class. Why I kept I'll never have me wondering if there still a shop class in schools.
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    98 Accord P1456 causes - Thx!

    my 99 accord has been doing that for years now, tried the gas cap, didn't work so apparently a leak somewhere. doesnt seem to affect anything with my car so I let the light shine on ...only way i can see this a problem is if you need an emission inspection..
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    A cold morning in Southern Vermont Green Mountains.

    and I thought 5 was cold this morning.
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    1968 Nova (The One That Got Away)

    a 68 nova was my first car, but I'm sure it didn't run like this one.
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    Lawn spreader tires and valves

    putting a tube in should do the job. Either that or get a bottle of slime. I used slime in my riding mower tire, the two front ones wouldn't seal up and i tied everything. used slime and they've been good for a few years now
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    Rust Prevention detail vs coatings?

    I've been pressure washing under my 99 accord since rust at all...just about like new ..i pressure wash out in the drive way in what ever weather there is ...i cant stand the idea of salt under the car or on the car
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    High School Reunions - Generational thing?

    graduated in 73 i get noticed every 5 years for the next reunion, never did go to any, think they would get the message by now.. the people that organize the reunions never wanted anything to do with me and the bunch i hung around with so why the change of heart.
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    Mystery of why Roman buildings have survived so long has been unraveled, scientists say

    here in Pa any "new" road they build is lucky to make it two years before it starts to fall apart
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    Installing Rubber Valve Stems / Choice of Lubricant

    dish washing soap