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    Plastic Gas long do they last?

    All I know is that I pray mine last forever. I hate those stupid ventless or self-venting P.O.S.s.
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    That was the worst oil chane I've ever done...

    When I went to change the oil on my fiance's newly purchased Riviera, the FRAM filter on there was so tight that I wadded up and ripped off that black sandpaper coating on the filter. I had to grab and twist for about 10 or 15 minutes, loosening it by about a millimeter at a time before it...
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    Oil for flat tappets...good article

    Glad I saw this. My 4x4 has a Comp Cams flat tappet offroad spec cam and the real expensive lifters. Looks like I'm gonna be running a bit thicker oil in my rig.
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    I wonder if It did any damage ??

    PEBSWAS Problem Exists Between Steering Wheel And Seat
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    BITOG March Contest Giveaway

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    Havoline 5w30 Synthetic oil

    To each his own. It was either this or Mobil1, and I saved a buck or so. Didn't get rid of the clatter, unfortunately, so I'm going to try an AutoRX treatment with Havoline dino.
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    Fram = JUNK

    My Motorcraft filter was a little bit of a pain to get on last night. Had to be aligned JUST right but she worked. I have a Fram on the 1.9L in my 93 Escort that I'll be selling soon. I need to cut that sucker open and see what a Fram looks like after only 1,000 miles of filtration.
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    I dented my filter

    Yep, I have that set as well. They are lifesavers. Work for TONS of other jobs as well where more torque than a hand is capable of is needed, but you don't want to scratch/gouge the piece that needs to come off. I always hand tighten and remove my filters, with the exception of my Camaro...
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    Havoline 5w30 Synthetic oil

    I just nabbed some of this in the Collinsville, IL Advance Auto store and they were full stocked at $4.XX something a quart. Going to hopefully have the time to change it tonight and see if it quiets up the top end of my fiance's Zetec.
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    To all of the light pickup owners. Why did u choose your PSD, Cummins, or Duramax?

    One of my friends said it best when I was trying to make the decision on a diesel pickup. There's a reason why every single road tractor has an inline diesel in them. I am a GM man. Have a convertible Camaro and love it. Built the 350 that's in my 1/2 ton gasser and finally decided I wanted...
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    compressors: harbor freight vs. the world

    I have a 30-50 year old (Was my grandfather's and he's had it since before I was born and I'm 28 years old) D-biss that's still going strong. Only problem is that it rusted through at one of the welds. I either have to clean it up and reweld it, or scrap it and get me a new compressor. I'm...
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    Oil cans must have been a real PITA!

    I still have a couple cans of different oils (outboard, chainsaw, motor, etc.) and about 8 spouts from my grandfather's garage. Also found an old can of Quaker Maid grease (the stuff is like peanut butter, complete with the dairy queen swirl on top!) I also have a can of washing machine...
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    Can't seem to resolve this problem..please advise

    demarpaint, Pulling that distributor might not have been a bad idea. Inspect the inside of your old cap, and check the distributor closely. I had one that was bad on my 88 pickup and it gave me fits before I could figure it out. Retarded/advanced timing, sputtering, stalling...took me awhile...
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    FireFox 1.5 Users: some Questions

    I never played much with the older version of Firefox. Go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and click on the link to extensions, then click on Firefox add-ons and take a gander at some of the options you have to make Firefox a more useful browser...
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    opinions: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.289

    On one of my other forums we found a virus in our file archives. Out of nearly every antivirus program in existence (including the paid subscription ones that were most recently updated) only AVG found it. I highly recommend AVG.
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    What do today's teens consider 'calssic' automobiles

    My grandfather had a 60's Nova convertible in his garage for the longest time. I used to go in and sit in it for hours pretending I was driving. Grandpa also had an old Willis in his junk pile that I would go out and play around with. I fought the mud dobbers and wasps for control of the...
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    Why do people treat SAE 30 as an Anti--******?

    I think it's great stuff. For lawnmowers. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" />
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    What filter are you using

    1999/Chevrolet/Camaro Z28 V8 5.7L 350cid AC Delco PF46 Mobil1 10W30 (has had synthetic all of its life) 6-12 months (Car gets less than around 5K on it a year) 1997/Ford/Contour GL 2.0L 4cyl Zetec Wix/51068 Mobil1 5W30 3K for this run, then doing two AutoRX cleans with Havoline 5W30. After...