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    It's me again with my VW TDI. I find your comments very interesting of a much different character than the posts accompanying the NY Times article. I realize anyone can post and say whatever they please, but little else popped up. Your product sounds like a fine idea and I wish you whatever...
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    Having recently purchased a VW Jetta TDI, the subject of diesel fuel is of considerable interest to me. Yesterday I played golf with a local over-the-road trucker who hauls fuels between Salt Lake City, Reno, and St George, UT, where he lives. In our conversations about fuels he remarked that...
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    2011 Diesel Cars - VW

    I guess I am now a member of the TDI cult, having just purchased a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Surprisingly, the deal was extremely easy to make with a discount from MSRP and a good trade-in for my Outback. I have filled it with fuel just once with 32 mpg, all around town mostly by my wife. It...
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    TPMS Experts chime in!

    I have three vehicles with TPMS, an 08 Toyota, an 08 Subaru, and an 06 Nissan. The Toyota and Subaru come on and off on a random basis apparently loosely related to the fall drop in temperature at night. According to the dealers involved, nothing can be done. I just bought the Nissan...
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    Replace Standard Trans Fluid?

    Just replaced the manual tranny fluid in my Frontier. Some research indicated these are very picky about fluid so I bought the 3 quarts at the dealer at $12.95/qt. It's chief claim to fame seems to be the 14.7 @100 viscosity. Nothing else quite matched and it shifts like butter on bread.
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    Eagle One products

    I have become a fan of several of the EagleOne products over the last few years. I really like the Bucket Free Car Wash and the Wax While You Dry. However, they have now discontinued the wash product. Their new spray wax is the easiest wax I have ever tried and it looks good but have no idea...
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    I bought a new 2005 TC and thought it was a great driving car. While it seemed to be aimed at the high schoolers driving Honda Civics with loud exhausts, it suited my taste well and I was 70 at the time. It wasn't the fastest thing on wheels but it had good low end torque so it accelerated...
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    Honda Coolant Top-offs

    Two years ago I had a coolant loss problem with a Subaru. No water in the oil but episodes of coolant loss over a one year period of about a liter. Several visits to the dealer proved fruitless so I finally bought their outrageously expensive OEM radiator cap and the problem was immediately...
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    Concealed weapons permit?

    Just a note to inform that "" died some weeks ago. There are several other sites of varying interest to CCW holders. Just do a google search.
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    Checking oil level

    On my I-5 Colorado it doesn't matter when or how you check the oil. The dipstick is useless for checking the level, it only shows that there is some oil present. Cold, hot, overnight, etc., it doesn't matter, nor does wiping clean or anything else. It just shows as a glob of oil on the end.
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    got um!

    Just before I read this thread, I discovered my garage compressor was stolen. Ten years in the neighborhood with no trouble with theft and I got hit. It's not like there is much money involved, $100 or so, but just the fact that now I have to keep the garage door closed all the time while at...
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    Round Point Shovels

    Having used many (a multitude) of round point shovels over the years I have found little difference in any of them. They will wear out but that takes years of heavy use. I have lately started buying the Sears fiberglass handled garden tools as the wooden ones eventually tend to separate due to...
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    Good website to order parts online?

    I just had some very good luck with Plano Power Equip for old Honda parts. Their website had illustrated catalogs for 30+ years of Honda mowers. They advertise for many brands, but I only looked at Honda.
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    Outboard Motor Gear Oil

    I have a 1.25hp Tanaka outboard which has been stored for maybe 20 years. I also got a tube of 90w Chrysler Outboard EP gear lube that came with it when new. Having no experience with any outboard at all, I wonder if a better gear lube is available or should I just change using the original...
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    Seriously, who needs a hybrid?

    I have an 07 Honda Civic Hybrid with about 1,200 miles. I bought it mostly because I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. It's quite a nice little car and interesting to drive, but so far has only averaged 38mpg in all city driving. I drive it more-or-less like any other car. The...
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    Has oil production peaked?

    There is a minority opinion that oil has not peaked, but this school of thought is not shared by the majority of those who are supposedly in the "know." I can't remember any references as it has been awhile since I read about the subject. The basic premise is an argument on just how oil is...
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    Honda CVT Transmission

    I have a new Honda Civic Hybrid with a CVT.
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    Would a total ban on Chinese imports help the USA?

    A ban on Chinese imports would be like the proverbial cutting off of the nose to spite the face. The products, in large part, would come from somewhere else probably at a higher cost thus fueling domestic price inflation. The Chinese govt would then stop buying and start selling US govt bonds...
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    Dish Network reception problems.

    Shortly after my Dish Network was installed, the reception became erratic. It kept losing signal and regaining it sometimes, sometimes not. Calling "tech support" was one giant pain but after many calls a "serviceman" was sent out. He replaced the lnb and for a month it worked again. Same...
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    Idea of how to get gas prices down.....

    It would be more interesting to see how much of the gas price is taxes of various kinds, or subsidies in some cases. Europe has taxed gas in an attempt to reduce usage but are now hooked on the tax for government revenue.