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    Scotty don't like clean engines?

    Hard to watch. Style is a blend of my kids trippy "bob the builder" cartoon where everything is constantly bouncing around uneccesarily and an old school "flex seal" or "oxyclean" commercial. I do like his stories and memory road sidebars and wish he'd stick to reminiscing on hot rod days...
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    2015 F150, which coolant from my stash?

    I read all the bottles. Read an article on irontite com. I agree with your assesments. I think I'm gonna donate the fleet charge SCA precharged stuff to the local diesel repair shop. Maybe they can use it in older apps. Final count was 6 unopened gallon jugs. Hate to lose the money but I guess...
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    2015 F150, which coolant from my stash?

    So, no to fleet charged? That's what I have 5 gallons of. Any particular reason? I honestly don't know. I would flush for 30 mins with water, then flush with distilled water and finally put in coolant.
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    Woolwax for inside rocker panels, etc?

    Hmmm. I live and work near the Gulf and my truck gets some exposure to salty air. Its nowhere near as aggressive as the salted roads I saw in Midwest but the cumulative effects result in a fair amount of surface and fitting oxidation on steel bits. I like your approach. Maybe I'll give FF shot...
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    2015 F150, which coolant from my stash?

    2015 F150 5.0 150k Considering preventative replacement of (unknown age/miles so assuming factory original) pump, belts, tensioners and Status before the heat of summer. I have a 5 gallons of HD coolant stashed left over from my 7.3 Excursion. I'd prefer to use it up if no ill effects in this...
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    Considering 2017 Ford F-150: problems to look for?

    Truck is fixed so it's a contender now. Look at a couple but don't drag your feet because the market is pretty hot. Buy what you like. 107k is high miles?
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    Woolwax for inside rocker panels, etc?

    I just hope your cars never catch on fire....
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    Weird private-label tire names

    First tire shop mentioned Falcon Wild Pig. I actually laughed out loud. Turns out it was Falken Wild Peak. Would laugh if I ever saw: RoadBlow Beltshift Out-O-Round
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    Crossover/SUV tires on Pick-Up?

    It was an ignorant comment but consider the source and routine... I agree with your assessment of E rated advantages and think they are perfect for folks that only occasionally haul heavier loads in half ton trucks. They do seem to last longer under such circumstances. Having had both E rated...
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    What are the most common oil filter sizes?

    Not sure what the filter numbers are but the following apps are my best guess: Gm and ford 3.6l Gm and ford v8 Powerstroke and Cummins Toyota and honda 4cyl Fiat 3.6 Pentastar and 5.7 Hemi
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    Keep or Sell my 2008 Crown Vic?

    Derailing threads... Lady doesn't trust mechanics and doesn't turn wrenches. Why the heck would she want to pay more for transverse complexity featuring a recurring, 60k mile timing belt, timebomb with less cabin room, a much smaller trunk and a worse ride?
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    Considering 2017 Ford F-150: problems to look for?

    Previous owner could have loaded some half baked canned "radicool toon" from Pooperchips or Diablow that isn't quite right for the 10 speed. Pull the battery cables and reset the pcm. Do the throttle relearn. If no change then flash it back to stock. I love these kind of deals when it actually...
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    Considering 2017 Ford F-150: problems to look for?

    Updated reply: That's a potential steal of a deal in the making. Run diagnostics. Get the codes. If it's just bad gas or a sensor issue... Some of my best used purchases were the dealerships problem child cars that just needed an hour of simple shade tree loving. Original: Solid trucks...
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    Quickie Lubes; which one? Or?

    Base auto hobby shop. AAFES and NES hobby shops usually have some vet grease monkeys, always extremely competent in my experience, who can knock it out. They'll use Carquest or Napa jobber parts and decent oil. Your friend could drop it off and either walk or get a ride to work and come back...
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    Battery for '15 F-150 4wd 2.7L

    BAGM-48H6-760 165+25 shipping for rockauto 189-possible veteran discount at oriellys
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    Old RV gas mileage

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    20k Supertech filter now at walmart

    Meh. I prefer nice clean louvers but I'll take an E-Core over some of the jagged louvered filters (posted in this forum recently) anyday.
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    20k Supertech filter now at walmart

    Looked at 10575 and whatever the 7317 equivalent is (6607 or something). Pro in my opinion: Made in USA. $5.75 EACH. E-Core style. Supposedly enough media to hold dirt for 20k miles. Con (subjective): Feels cheap and much lighter than Fram Ultra. Uninspiring base plate and threaded mount...
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    EV Wrangler

    Intervention? Need? No. I'm thinking about a simple interface to see what your power draw is. A simple gauge. Instead of reading boost or vacuum it's reads amps and serves as a visual aid, nothing more. The range and power demand meters fluctuate with load and acceleration even on older hybrid...
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    EV Wrangler

    Think about a brushless cordless drill. You can stall out an electric motor. You can over load the system, trip thermal protection at the wrong moment and find yourself of in a very dangerous situation off road. I would prefer several gears and an amp meter so I can choose the best ratio with...