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    Is this the sound of rod knock?? Infiniti m35

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by OVERKILL</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Everything you describe points away from being rod knock, which will be more prominent under load and affected by viscosity so will typically be loudest hot and quietest cold...
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    Is this the sound of rod knock?? Infiniti m35

    I had this car for about 7k miles now has 99k. Every time the car is in gear drive or reverse and under a low load (feather foot tap on throttle) around 800-1000 rpm or so it knocks. The noise is greatly reduced in neutral or park. The car can go to full 6k RPM and no funny sounds. Also if I am...
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    Weird Oil level question

    Everytime I change oil in my car I check the dipstick and it falls between the high and low points (hot engine) Then I drain the oil and measure it. This time could only get 5.5q of oil out. I put 6.3 quarts and the dip stick read low lol..what??? The point is why was 5.5q showing up as middle...
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    Slight slipping flare on 3rd to 4th 05 Solara 5AT

    Hi, Got a 05 Solara that has been slipping or flaring in gear changes of 3rd to 4th. Happens when I got car at 55k. Had ATF changed at dealer 60k drain and fill only. It still does it. Now has 96k. I'm thinking of changing the fluid again since it's been 35k. Been reading here and Valvoline...
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    Are high mileage oils bad?

    I have an Infiniti m35 which I use 0w40 in. But I have a valve cover leak which I will probably tackle later on because I have to replace the whole valve covers anyways (non replaceable sparkplug boot seals) But question is are high mileage oils bad? I know they condition and swell up seals but...
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    Is this new - M1 0w30? Non Fuel Economy Verison

    Which 0w30 m1 is this? On sale Amazon for 27 for 6 Q. How will this one compare to 0w40? I have never seen this one before, only the Green AFE 0w30.. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[476585a0051e7457c8]"...
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    0w-20 vs 0w30 for 3mz-Fe v6 toyota solara 3.3?

    What is the purpose of having such thin grade oils like 0w20? Simply fuel economy? Do they provide better protection compared to that of 0w30 or 0w40? Im asking for my solara v6 3.3 with 70k miles. Driven 80 miles a day in HOT texas climate. I know most of newer toyotas use 5w20 and 0w20
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    What filter should I use for M35

    I have a new-to-me 2007 infiniti m35 I am reading that for this vehicle, it is best to avoid the OE Nissan filter. I am currently using a bosch 3300. This car is replacing an Audi a6 which had a massive oil filter from MANN while this M35 has a small one. So my concerns are, Is this small...
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    M1 0w40 turned brown in only 700 miles...

    That was my initial thought. Even in my Audi, the M1 turns brown quick. When I checked this oil at 2k and saw it was still golden, i thought, this is either a clean engine or not a very good oil. Im using bosch oil filter on it. Surprised how small it was compared to oem Mann from my audi.
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    M1 0w40 turned brown in only 700 miles...

    I recently bought a pre owned <span style="font-weight: bold">Infiniti m35.</span> The dealer serviced it with a synthetic blend of 5w30. This oil stayed a golden color until around 2k. I changed the oil with m1 0w40 and within 700 miles, the oil looked as brown as the synthetic blend did at...
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    Are WIX (NAPA) oil filters any good? For Audi

    I have gotten them for half price of MANN. I bought maybe 2 years of supply.
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    Are WIX (NAPA) oil filters any good? For Audi

    I found a great deal on WIX oil filters. After I shared my findings to my audi forums friends, nothing but disgust was posted about WIX filters. I did my own research on these and found them to be highly recommended. But a highly recognized member just said nothing but bad things about them...
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    New to me Infiniti m35 2007 5w30 vs 0w40

    Infiniti recommends 5w30 and I belive says 5w40 is okay in the manual. I would like to know what the difference may be by using 0w40 or 5w30? What is the overall recommendation from bitog for this car? It has 91k and summer is approaching. I live in Houston and temps will easily reach 90+...
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    Are Belgium & German castrol same formula?

    Sorry, I am talking about the 0w40.
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    Are Belgium & German castrol same formula?

    I have done a bit of Google work but I'm unable to find out if they are the same. Is German an improvement over the Belgium? My stock from the Belgium castrol is finished from aap last bogo sale.
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    CastrolEdge 0w40????!!!!

    I too stocked up on this oil. I bought 24 quarts. I havent yet changed the oil but i am glad to hear it made a difference. I bought 24 Quarts for $120 with Texas 8.25% taxes.
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    BOGO Castrol. Which to get? 2.8 audi

    AHHH. OK i checked it and its made on the 3XX of 2012. Forgot the exact day it was made. My M1 was made in 2010.
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    BOGO Castrol. Which to get? 2.8 audi

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Quattro Pete</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: audia6</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I believe the production date was dated to 09...
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    BOGO Castrol. Which to get? 2.8 audi

    Ended up going with 0w-40 EDGE. I bought 24 Quarts so i should be well set for a while. I believe the production date was dated to 09. The computer also resisted this oil as BOGO. Had the manager order 24 quarts for me. LOL
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    BOGO Castrol. Which to get? 2.8 audi

    I called 2 AAP within 10 miles and NONE of them have 0w30 in stock. they said none of the near by stores have it either. My question is should i go for the 5w40? Or should i just buy 0w-40 M1 which is a bit more money and comes with a M1 filter which i do not need. Castrol 5w40 for a...