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    Equivalent oil for AGIP SL ACCA A3 JASO MA, MA2

    They (some dealers) claim they come with the AGIP oil in the engine, hard to believe as most imported bikes ship dry. If the dealer does not sell the AGIP spec oil, but will do the service with (their) brand x. However they tell you that if you do your own maint The oil must be EXACT specs- or...
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    Equivalent oil for AGIP SL ACCA A3 JASO MA, MA2

    5-40 full synthetic, API SL, ACEA A-3,JASO MA, MA2. looks like the Rotella T-6 will work.
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    Equivalent oil for AGIP SL ACCA A3 JASO MA, MA2

    Piaggio and Vespa scooters call for this AGIP oil, and Equivalent MUST be exact specs for warranty purposes. Some one said Rotella T-6, but it shears easily (I have read). What you say-O-wise ones. also AGIP oil comes from Indonesia. Not that it matters, but expensive just for shipping.
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    Toyota 0w 20 in a 2014 Honda DI engine

    I use Castrol Syntec 5w-30 in my 2010 Tacoma, and 0w-20 in my wifes 2014 CRV. Any advantage using the Toyota oil? I change every 5-6k miles w/premuim filter.
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    Trans filters-some better than others?

    Yes 32RH trans -like I posted. I can get a Wix brought in (from O'reily), after calling around to see what is available. I am guessing everyone perfers the black rubber gaskets VS the cork. (rubberized cork used to be the norm some time ago).
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    Trans filters-some better than others?

    I am going to change my ATF on my 98 Jeep w/4.0L and 32 RH trans. Dealer does not have this filter in stock. Who makes the best aftermarket filter-sold at auto store?. i will be using castrol Tranmax +4 fluid, and want a good filter.
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    Mopar P/sS fluid. 1998 Jeep.MS-99602???

    Hangfire and others-Thanks for the replies. I did not want to run the pump, while it was pushing out the fluid-because I did not want to chance the pump rotor running dry. but since you said this I am thinking I could take the belt off the pump and turn by hand an manually pump out the fluid- at...
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    Spray Wax for winter?

    Maybe not the same but I have used a soft brush, telescoping handle and Mothers wash & wax w/carnuba for years. As an old guy with parkinsons it ain't easy waxing a car or truck-and I ain't no wimp or slacker. I have used this because waxing a motorhome will kill you. These wash/wax 1-2 times a...
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    Headlight restore job, Or are they new?

    Just an FYI here. My wife used to go through an "automated wash", about 2-3 times a month. Those strong detergents will dull your headlights fast.I had to use the restore kits to make clear again & every 5-6 months. My truck about the same age as her CRV did not have this hase. I washed my truck...
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    Mopar P/sS fluid. 1998 Jeep.MS-99602???

    The MS 5931 is no longer available-and is superceeded by the MS 9602 +4 fluid. There is no good way to drain the gearbox-unless you take it off the frame-so I used a mighty vac and pumped out 8-9 oz out of the pump. Fill with +4, run/drive, pull out another 8-9oz, fill with more new +4. did this...
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    How much P/S fluid does my 1998 Jeep Wrangler

    I am going to have to drain and refill my P/S system. 1998 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L engine. Anyone out there had to do this-how much fluid do I need. thanks for any replies.
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    Mopar P/sS fluid. 1998 Jeep.MS-99602???

    This is getting better yet. The Jeep/Dodge dealer says the MS-5931 is obsolete, and superceeded by the MS-9602 + 4 stuff they sold me. The TSB says NOT to use anything else BUT the MS-5931. The TSB is from 2003. So far Chrysler hs not answered my E-mail. I am willing to drain and refill with the...
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    Mopar P/sS fluid. 1998 Jeep.MS-99602???

    Thanks AandPDan, that answers the question.Since I replaced about 4oz with the wrong stuff-no leaks, just was trying to replace a little with new. Now I am going to see if the dealer will "give" me another quart of the MS 9602, since I am going to have to drain it completely and start over. I am...
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    Mopar P/sS fluid. 1998 Jeep.MS-99602???

    1998 Jeep wrangler sport w/4.0L FWIW most of the auto parts stores in this small town don't know either. That is why I went to the dealer. Their parts guy said let check with the front end mech. (maybe so/maybe no). That is why I am trying to find out here. Thanks
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    Mopar P/sS fluid. 1998 Jeep.MS-99602???

    The dealer sold me (for my power steering) part # 68218064AA which is a MS-9602 +4 compatable fluid. I was instructed that part # 04883077 is a MS 5931 fluid was the one I should use ( by a very knowledgable Jeeper) The PDF of Mopar fluids shows part # 05166226 AA which is also a MS 9602 fluid...
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    VSP or Castrol Edge. 0w20

    I have relied on Castrol brand products for 40+ yrs or so. I have used their full synthetic for 6yrs and no problems. I use 10-30w GTX in my 98 Jeep, Edge 5-30 in my 10 tacoma intend to use Edge 0-20 in my wifes 14 CRV for the next 10 yrs or more if she wants to keep it longer. These oils...
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    QSUD 0W-20 Blend dexos1

    Yes I see this semi-synthetic at My Wal-mart (south/central) Texas. Along with Full synthetic Quaker State 0-20. What I don't see is Castrol Edge 0-20, Only 5-20. I think Quaker State makes a very good product.I may use it in my Wifes 14 CRV, if I cannot find 0-20 Edge.(just my preference).
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    best brand ac compressor?

    Before you buy from any auto store-check pricing from Rock Auto On line store. They sell a "kit". Consists of new compressor (same brand as your has/had. a new drier or accumulator, High psi hose w/oriface valve. For my 98 Jeep that cost is $165.00+ shipping with a new Sanden compressor (same as...
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    Im likin' Meguiars

    I have had alot of motorcycles-mostly black in color. the one thing taht griped me was the white film left in seams, etc from auto waxes. I used the Meguires technical yellow paste wax. It goes on easy, and never dries (I guess) as you wipe it off and there is never any white residue. Even if...
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    What is the best wax to protect from the elements?

    Old guy here. having Parkinsons is no fun-but I still service our vechicles. I have been using the Mothers wash/wax w/carnuba.It is difficult to hand or power waxing for me. I have to say that without waxing by hand this stuff puts on a great shine, and the carnuba wax lasts at least 2 months. I...