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    Which later model diesel car should I consider?

    I have a '03 Jetta TDI wagon with 200K miles that I run 100% soy in. Other than the odometer, you would never know the miles. It starts/runs/drives great. Wagons are made in Germany, the rest are made in Mexico. I personally would not buy a Mexican VW.
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    Amsoil 5W-40 CJ-4 for all-purpose use?

    Thanks for the replys. I don't have any 2007 engines, so no, I don't need to use the CJ-4. The Amsoil just looks like a good oil. I realize that the TBN, phosphorus and zinc are lower, but I'm not currently running extended OCI's. The other specs look good. Local WM's only carry Rotella...
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    Amsoil 5W-40 CJ-4 for all-purpose use?

    I need some help deciding on oil. I want to get one synthetic that I can use year-round in everything from high HP tractors to pick-ups to small gas engines. I had planned to switch everything to Rotella 5W-40 syn, but the price has really gone up! The specs look pretty good for the Amsoil...