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  1. toneydoc

    Bought a cheap 9mm pistol

    Just read a review of the pistol on Firearm News. The writer liked the pistol. Great price at under $200 Practice good range safety in the spring. Looks nice
  2. toneydoc

    Toyota Considers New EV platform

    My wife loves her Camry Hybrid. Me too. With Tesla dropping prices I might look into a Tesla in the spring. Toyota makes a Prius Prime and Rav4 prime that plug into household current and you get the first 40 miles or so on all electric before hybrid platform takes over I like that concept too...
  3. toneydoc

    Go to funeral or not?

    Your granddaughter will appreciate you and remember you showed up and gave her a hug. Go for her.
  4. toneydoc

    MC FL-400S Price Increase @ WM

    Everything has gone up in pricce
  5. toneydoc

    50 weight oil suggestion

    I would recommend Mobil 1 15w50 or maybe try the V Twin motorcycle oil in 20w50
  6. toneydoc

    Brake bleed on a 2019 Mini

    I cant believe they want you to change fluid after only 2 years That seems like a really short interval for brake fluid I think I would only check it to make sure it was at appropriate level
  7. toneydoc

    Wasn’t planning on this

    Bummer on the gash but I think you will be ok running a new tire on the rim I imagine people all over the world have done that for a long time
  8. toneydoc

    Doing yard work in this "heat wave"

    It has been hot and humid in AL I push cut front yard yesterday and was fully wet when finished Took a dip in the pool to cool off but it was warm and not really refreshing.
  9. toneydoc

    Increasing oil weight for hotter climate?

    I use Mobil 1 15w50 in my air cooled engine and have used it for many years now. I have been in many hot areas and have had many cool starts in AL winter rides. It has worked fine in all temps.
  10. toneydoc

    Degreacing new motorbike tires

    You should take it a little easy with them for the first 100 miles or so and especially on wet pavement. After that you should be just fine.
  11. toneydoc

    Best "high mileage" oil to stop leaks...

    I have never ever had any oil stop an oil leak You will have to address the cause which is usually a gasket/seal
  12. toneydoc

    What are you listening to right now?

    I Cant Get No Satisfaction Rolling Stones
  13. toneydoc

    Which Would "YOU" Prefer?

    And I forgot to add that I like big holes in my beer cans so that I do not have to wait on the beer to drain out
  14. toneydoc

    Which Would "YOU" Prefer?

    As long as my beer comes in a full 6 pack with holes that open easily, I would gladly use either of those 2 filters. Cheers
  15. toneydoc

    Difference between a 5w30 and 5w40 engine oil

    The difference is that they both flow the same at start up conditions but that at full operating temperature the 5w40 will be slightly more viscous or thick than the 5w30 I bet that both will work just fine in Italy temps
  16. toneydoc

    My A/C Is On Today

    Here in North AL it managed to get to mid 50s and it rained all day. Supposed to get another 2-4 inches of rain the next few days. Flooding is likely to be an issue. May get the floats out just in case
  17. toneydoc

    Need a hand pump fluid oil extractor

    Check Harbor Freight I have one of their oil extractors It works ok and will do the job
  18. toneydoc

    What is/was your fav motorcycle(s)?

    My 2014 Harley Ultra Classic is my favorite for the moment. Because that is what I have at the moment. It has ABS with 2 discs on front and one on rear, air shocks, GPS, CB and AM/FM and weather radio. Cruise control LED lights that are bright and help me be seen. No cables. Sensors and...
  19. toneydoc

    Asking for a friend, thinking to use "lightly used oil"

    Tell him to to to WalMart and buy SuperTech oil and filter