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  1. bcossa2020

    these glass cleaning cloths work?

    Squeegee is a game changer. Car glass, house glass, mirrors, interior, exterior, after car wash, etc.
  2. bcossa2020

    Restoring black plastic grill

    I‘m terribly disappointed in the Back to Black. Never again….
  3. bcossa2020

    What's your go to interior protectant/dressing?

    I’ve been impressed with both the VLR and the Meguiars and like the scent of both.
  4. bcossa2020

    The continuation of being dumped on in Restaurants needs to end.

    Hmmm…..we tried to have supper at a Red Robin Plainfield, Indiana last May and were told there would be a 40 minute wait at a virtually empty restaurant. They simply did not have enough employees.
  5. bcossa2020

    HVAC register ductwork

    I appreciate hearing from an experienced T&B professional. I bought a small hand held anemometer and am measuring flow at the center of the grilles. I‘m basing the design flow on 1 cfm per sf of room -admittedly not a detailed analysis. This room is warmer than the other rooms on the floor...
  6. bcossa2020

    HVAC register ductwork

    Update, kind of………… Im working on the return side of the system. Cut an 8” hole in the trunk duct and measured 191 cfm. Then installed an 8” to 6” reducer and measured 121 cfm. These numbers are in line with my ductulator. I think I’m learning that for a given size of air handler, if you...
  7. bcossa2020

    HVAC register ductwork

    thanks…I’ve spent a few weekends investigating and the numbers for the current system should work, so I’m looking at duct sizes and routing…
  8. bcossa2020

    HVAC register ductwork

    by odd coincidence I am replacing a 25 ft run with a 14 ft run…..
  9. bcossa2020

    HVAC register ductwork

    The front to back dimension is too large for a 2x4 wall. Thanks for the links you sent, but those are all 4” front to back which are too “deep” for a 2x4 wall. I’ll search in the links for one 3-1/2” deep.
  10. bcossa2020

    HVAC register ductwork

    I’m investigating my home HVAC system and have low airflow in a register ( 90 cfm vs 130 cfm). It’s fed with a 6 inch round duct off the trunk line to a 6 inch 90 degree boot in the wall. The wall is 2x4 studs. The damper at the 6“ duct by the trunk line is wide open. I would like to change...
  11. bcossa2020

    Mother Speed Clay 2.0 ?

    Weekend warrior here…..I have one and use it and am pleased with results….
  12. bcossa2020

    BAD movies.

    I think anticipation of watching a movie others have liked has an effect on my perception. Ghostbusters was just plain awful…I tried to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid a couple of weeks ago and was bored after an hour and turned it off…. Really enjoyed the first 3 Stars wars movies but...
  13. bcossa2020

    Actors that you feel "still got it"

    Al Pacino….
  14. bcossa2020

    How you feel about clean (and cleaning) your car engines??? Your best methods.

    I use Simple green, but just spray everything and let it sit. If something is super dirty I’ll spray it again. Might hit a bad place or two with a toothbrush. Then I hook the hose to the water heater drain and lightl, slowly, mist/rinse it off with the hot water. I used the Castrol Super...
  15. bcossa2020

    Tool for reading HVAC Static pressure

    😎😎 I’m accustomed to seeing the Magnahelic gauges on air handlers…..yours sounds Impressive…..
  16. bcossa2020

    Tool for reading HVAC Static pressure

    Split level house. Currently it is 74 degrees outside. Stat, which is on the upper level, is set for 73 and cooing is running. Temp downstairs is 65 degrees. Temp upstairs is 74 degrees. I realize these are “spot” temperatures so I am going to take multiple temp readings over all of the...
  17. bcossa2020

    Tool for reading HVAC Static pressure

    I'm thinking of doing some investigation on my home HVAC system and am looking for a decent tool to check the static pressure at the unit and in the ductwork. Would like to keep it under $100. Any HVAC technicians with recommendations??
  18. bcossa2020

    Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer

    It may be painfully obvious to everyone but me but I’m learning that the trim needs significant attention at every wash..,,
  19. bcossa2020

    Best brake bleeding tool

    One time I connected a small vacuum pump (I bought for AC work) in place of the hand pump……WOW. I have not done it since…..😎😎
  20. bcossa2020

    Paste VS Liquid

    I can’t find a price on this product. Where do you buy it????