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  1. Eddddd

    2023 Pilot engine?

    I have never had an issue.
  2. Eddddd

    2023 Pilot engine?

    New design. I have a 2016 Accord V6. It has VCM. Now you are going to have people talk about the VCM and tell you need to get a VCM Muzzler. Honda had issues with VCM. There are 3 generations of VCM. The current generation doesn't have the issues of past generations. Me personally, I had...
  3. Eddddd

    Best 0w20 to resist fuel dilution in Honda 1.5 TGDI engine? And use in Honda J35 V6s?

    We are talking about apple and oranges. Completely 2 different engines. The 1.5 is Direct Injected and Turbo. The J35 in the Accord is non turbo and has multi port injection. Direct Injection on other models. I have a 2018 Accord V6 and have no issues with oil burn or fuel dilution. I have...
  4. Eddddd

    VQ37 oil recommendation

    I have a 370Z with this engine. There were cooling issues with these engines when track driven prior to Nissan adding an oil cooler. Regardless of how I drive, I have noticed my oil temperature gauge has higher than "normal" oil temps compare to other engines. Even higher with "spirited"...
  5. Eddddd

    Honda 3.5 liter V6 oil choices

    I am not familiar with the VCM Tuner II. How does it work? Does it manipulate the cooling system temperature like the Muzzler? If I was to do it, I would do an ECU Flash.
  6. Eddddd

    Honda 3.5 liter V6 oil choices

    I don't think there are any "band aid" fixes but to each their own. VCM disabled or not, I always say do you cuz at the end of the day, it's your hard earned money. I prefer to not disable it At least not with a VCM Muzzler.
  7. Eddddd

    Honda 3.5 liter V6 oil choices

    Don't take the blowing up part seriously. I do agree it's unnecessary but I do not see any of the inherent problems people talk about. I had over 200,000 miles on my last Accord V6. No issues. Still had the original engine mounts. If we are talking about putting strain on engines and inherent...
  8. Eddddd

    Toyota Tundra OCI

    Agree w/supton on the sump and oil cooler. Plus the engine is not hard on oil and a good 0W20 oil will be able to handle it. I do heavy towing on my Tundra and use 0W20 with great UAOs. Do a UAO just to be sure.
  9. Eddddd

    Honda 3.5 liter V6 oil choices

    I have always used a 0W20 oil that is high in moly both in my Accord J35 and my Tundra. I live in South Texas and have done UOA samples in both vehicles. No issues with 0W20 on both vehicles and I do tow a lot on my Tundra. Now you are going to have people talk about the VCM and tell you need to...
  10. Eddddd

    Which of the top 3-4 company makes the 'most synthetic' oil?

    Wouldn't it be the oil that is labeled 100% Synthetic vs Fully Synthetic? Isn't there something (regards to labeling) that states only oils that have have been 100% synthetically produced and not hydro cracked can have 100% Synthetic on a bottle, such as Motul’s H-Tech, 8100 and 300V ranges...
  11. Eddddd

    I need help understanding if Redline or Amsoil is worth it.

    If it wasn’t Amsoil or Redline, then I would be definitely be concerned with the API approval. Amsoil Sig Series and Redline doesn’t have API approval not because it can’t meet or exceed the API recommendations but because of they way they formulate their oil. I believe it’s because of...
  12. Eddddd

    I need help understanding if Redline or Amsoil is worth it.

    It’s funny how many make it sound like it’s an exorbitant amount of money using Amsoil or Redline but probably the same people who spend $10 for a cup of coffee. 😂 I do annual oil changes using Amsoil and for me, the extra $2 a month is worth it. Then again I don’t spend $10on a cup of coffee...
  13. Eddddd

    Too much Moly a problem?

    Redline specifically. No issue or concerns. Japanese manufacturers love moly in their respective brand oil and have higher counts than a lot of other brand oil. Just because Brand A has a higher count than Brand B with a certain additive, it doesn't necessarily mean there is "too much". Just...
  14. Eddddd

    Honda J35 V6 (J35Z4) Sludge and Cam Scoring

    Respectfully, I call BS on the specific lubricant being the cause. I believe there is more than either the owner or the mechanic is stating. Why specifically point out it was Amsoil? I don’t know. You have a lot of people on this forum that hate a specific brand and without facts and evidence, I...
  15. Eddddd

    TGMO 0W16 Factory Fill, 46 Miles, 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 2.5L I4 Engine

    Japanese manufacturers are known to use oil that are high in moly in the factory fill as well as their specific branded oil.I own a couple of Toyotas and Hondas. I have always stuck with using oils that are high in moly in my vehicles and have had excellent results. Not to say other oils will...
  16. Eddddd

    2k miles on oil in 1 year...go longer?

    I have a vehicle that I put less than 2k miles a year and after doing a few UOAs, the oil was still in excellent shape after 3 years. I could probably go longer but choose to stick to 3 year intervals. My vehicle did get up to operating temps during those times I drove it.