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    New Tesla model 3 cabriolet spotted testing

    They probably didn't want the glasshouse anymore, looks silly.
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    Best vs. cheapest battery maintainers.

    I have a Battery Tender Plus been using it for almost 5 years now, my Camaro with the AGm when I had it stayed on it and now my Jeep is hooked up so far so good.
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    Does this sound like a bad tire?

    This would be interesting to know, id go back and tell that shop to recheck the bad wheel or wheels see what number it gets.
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    Tax prep charges?

    I used Cashapp Tax, Free
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    Insurance companies watching your driving through a smart phone

    Not interested in these monitoring apps. Ask what the maximum theoretical discount will be ahead of time. My friend tried the app thing for ~3 months, once the 3 months is over they will apply the savings to his plan and future renewals. Ended up being like $60 savings total for a 6 month...
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    Mechanic's Stethoscope

    HF stethoscope works well, its honestly too loud but I guess that works great for what it's used for but careful.
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    A Costco food court's new menu item is raising eyebrows for its price

    So I can buy a whole pizza or pay more for a roast beef sandwich yikes
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    Filling up when fuel truck is at gas station?

    I get gas when I need to get gas, don't care if the tanker is there or not.
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    API ratings in relation to Dexos2?

    Hyundai are sticklers for following the manual in regards to their 10 year warranty FYI
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    Solar Attic Fans vs Wired vs None

    If you add a powered fan and it pulls any air from the house you are hurting your cooling performance. This is due to extra hot air being pulled into the conditioned area from the fan so I'd be careful that does not happen.
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    Motul DOT 5.1 anomaly

    Motul has had 5.1 for a while, I'd be concerned about how old some of your bottles are. Just some conversation but Bosch ESI6 is a great alternative and designed for extended intervals which might be a better fit for your car. Though the price has almost doubled in a year. Stoptech 309 pads...
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    Idle stop and go systems. Do you like it?

    Absolutely Horrible and annoying, especially since it cuts off the A/C.
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    Moving to Florida and UV damage

    Waxes and Sealants also improve how the paint looks if it is Oxidized until it wears away. Did you see the link I sent that measured UV protection from Ceramic Waxes?
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    Moving to Florida and UV damage

    I'm implying that waxes/sealants/ceramics do not provide adequate UV protection. There is a high chance an old car with great looking paint has been garaged or not limited to recently having paint correction completed.
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    Moving to Florida and UV damage

    Sealants and Waxes offer poor UV resistance, the sun is intense here so they wont really do much in that regard. For example Of 41 Ceramic Sealants tested here the highest was a 4.3% reduction of UV and a majority <2%. The best defense with UV is not to be exposed to it.
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    Received notification my credit score just dropped 40 points.

    Its 2023 everyone, lock your credit. There should be no question about if you should lock your credit or not. Its completely free If you apply for credit the system will state its locked and you can just temporarily unfreeze it. Super simple these days. Do not forget to freeze Innovis as well.
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    Big train derailment in East Palestine OH
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    Share Your Oil Consumption if Any

    Jeep burns 0. My G37 burns about .5-.75 a quart per 2500 miles.
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    Construction Adhesive or Epoxy for TV Mount?

    Adhesive will likely fail overtime from the temperature swings and the difference in thermal expansion rates. I would rather through bolt it and never have to worry about it falling.