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  1. WobblyElvis

    GM 3.6L LGZ - Intake Valve Deposits

    My son had a 2008 CTS with the DI 3.6 engine. It ran well to over 240,000 miles without any valve cleaning using cheap store brand synthetic.
  2. WobblyElvis

    Possible to recondition these lead acid batteries?

    My method of repair would be to to charge them slowly [ maybe in parallel ] for days, maybe a week, while keeping an eye on the fluid level. Use a small charger or if you only have a large charger, put an automotive light bulb in series with the charger leads to reduce the charge rate. they...
  3. WobblyElvis

    What causes oil consumption to progress, further into the OCI?

    The oil pan/volume is tapered, so it just looks like you are consuming more?
  4. WobblyElvis

    What does filter extended duration actually mean?

    In the 70's a GM v8 was to run a filter for 15,000 miles. You would think today's engines and oils could do at least that. I often leave a filter on for 2 OCI's unless the filter is unusually small.
  5. WobblyElvis

    DIY camber after replacing struts?

    I've done my own alignments for 30 or more years. Using a 2 foot level pressed against the tire [ avoid the bulge at the bottom] It takes some time and common sense and some math but it's better than paying a shop to do it wrong. Some fine tuning may be necessary but I've never had unusual tire...
  6. WobblyElvis

    This guy says pre-mix is a scam.

    Problem with pre-mix is.....after you flush a system with water, some is left behind. Now how are you going to get the concentration up to 50/50? It will always be less.
  7. WobblyElvis

    This guy says pre-mix is a scam.

    I have two of that type of coolant tester. The reason I have two is because I misplaced the first one so I bought another. Once I had two, I found they never matched each other and often gave different readings only minutes later. Now I use a refractometer to measure the strength of coolant.
  8. WobblyElvis

    Did I lowball the guy or was I reasonable?

    I doubt that vehicle would fetch $4,500 U.S. in my market. But then cars rust here.
  9. WobblyElvis

    Valvoline Maxlife ATF (Blackstone VOA)

    Informative ATF video here.. Around the 44 minute mark, it deals with an ATF additive package from AFTON chemical. AFTON suggest the additive package can be added to a base oil in a reduced amount [%50] to save costs. The result will be a fluid that does not meet spec or offer the best...
  10. WobblyElvis

    Valvoline Maxlife ATF (Blackstone VOA)

    There is more additives left in the old fluid than the new unused fluid. You get what you pay for.
  11. WobblyElvis

    To RTV, or not to RTV

    I have found silicone to be a pain to work with. Tried a rubber gasket but it bulged out the side and leaked. Again tried a rubber gasket but low torque on the bolts, about 5 ft lbs. Tighten until you see the gasket just start to bulge a little. Worked well. Year later I check tightened the...
  12. WobblyElvis

    Milky oil concerns

    I am surprised that you are seeing this milky substance when you say the engine is always brought up to temp. I short trip a lot in the winter and I don't have this problem. If you check the oil level and it's normal, I would take it for a long drive to see if the problem clears up.
  13. WobblyElvis

    Could synthetic have saved this Camry?

    If you look at when he points out where the cylinders are missing the cross hatch. It's not missing all around the cylinders but only where the piston is under a side load and the piston skirts are pressed against the cylinder walls. Perhaps the piston wears down the cross hatch removing the...
  14. WobblyElvis

    Long Idle time, new OCI?

    Consumer's Reports ran an oil test on a New York taxi fleet in the 80's. They found that long idles times and stop and go driving was not as hard on the engine as most people thought. I wouldn't be to quick to change the oil.
  15. WobblyElvis

    Toyota air filter and hybrid battery filter @26k

    I don't get it. Next time you guys change a filter well before it's needed, could you just send me the money instead?
  16. WobblyElvis

    Why does my trunk lamp have a diode feeding the bulb, can I eliminate it?

    I spend some time googling..and ya know google is always right. The diode appears to be for circuit isolation. Hyundai uses them a lot. Perhaps without this diode, opening the trunk would also power the interior lights....who knows.
  17. WobblyElvis

    Why does my trunk lamp have a diode feeding the bulb, can I eliminate it?

    Replace the diode with 1N5821 and all is good. I hope this diode does not overhead and fail like the original 1N4007. As wag123 says, this light may stay on indefinitely with the hatch open so perhaps the heat from the 8watt incandescent bulb is a factor. We will see. Thanks to all.
  18. WobblyElvis

    210,000 miles with K&N air intake system

    This video doesn't make sense to me. If the filter catches debris in this manner, it would still plug up but magically this filter catches a tremendous about of dirt and makes it disappear. Where does it go? Fibers or streamers will oscillate in a steady airflow, the pulsing of an engine is...
  19. WobblyElvis

    Some trunk tool sets

    If you are ever going to change a flat on the traffic lane side of a vehicle, having true pyrotechnic road flares make a big difference.
  20. WobblyElvis

    Why does my trunk lamp have a diode feeding the bulb, can I eliminate it?

    Cut the diode out of the unit. #IN4007 now that I can see the entire thing. There is room for a little bigger diode. There is an electronics store about 20 minutes away although I don't go that direction often. I can put it on my list should I head out that way. What do you suggest from this...