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  1. marc1

    Weight Distributing Hitch

    Hi, I need to get a weight distributing hitch but am not clear on the advantage / disadvantage between a "round bar" vs "trunnion" style. I see the difference in the bars / mounting point but what is the advantage / disadvantage of either of these styles against each other? Below are the two...
  2. marc1

    2006 GMC Sierra Auto Transfer Case Issue

    Hi, 2006 GMC (see signature) my wife drives it 90% of the time for errands. Quite a while ago (easily over a year ago) she had an incident and reported it was behaving as if it was in 4wd (she was on dry pavement, summer conditions etc.) while in the 2wd mode. I checked it out when she got back...
  3. marc1

    Naturita - Telleride in Early June

    Hi, Can anyone familiar with this area tell me what the roads are like in early June? We are taking a scenic vacation trip to New Mexico and I use the Shelby for road trips and do not want to encounter any snow / winter road conditions. We intend to spend two days in Telluride and would arrive...
  4. marc1

    2016 Colorado / Canyon 2.5L

    Hi, It is possible we may be replacing our GMC this year. I am looking at the 2016 Colorado / Canyon with the 2.5L engine. I cannot find any reviews online with that powertrain. They review either the 3.6L V6 or the new diesel. Those reviews are fine for fit and finish etc. but I am looking for...
  5. marc1

    Options for 5.75" Vintage Car Lighting

    Hi, What improved lighting options exist for me that I may have missed: 1) Sealed Beam Halogens (GE and Wagner) #5001 and #5006 - About $8 each. I tried these on my 68 GTO and they were fine, most of my driving at night is in the city core with maybe 5% rural at night. 2) Cibie e-Code H4 / H1...
  6. marc1

    Best Battery for Infrequent Use

    Hi, Went to check in on the Shelby today... battery flat (5.5 volts). Ok... last time I used the car was Oct 2013, I lived through this nightmare with my muscle cars (batteries not surviving more than a few years) and now same thing. Yes I charge it monthly etc. and probably a battery tender...
  7. marc1

    Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab 7" Carrying Case

    Hi, We bought one of these a few weeks ago and are looking for a decent case for it. Any first hand recommendations? We just want to protect it when it gets shoved in a purse / backpack etc. Looking to keep the cost under $25. Thanks, Marc
  8. marc1

    1TB Iomega Dead - Replacement options?

    Hi, It seems my external USB connected 1TB Iomega is dead (files missing, cannot access files that are visible, directory structure is intact though I can see it etc.). I use this TB drive for my weekly data backups and semi annual Ghosts. I am not in deep trouble (yet) as my system is...
  9. marc1

    Winter Storage Battery Charging

    Hi, I have been storing "summertime only" cars over the winter for 30+ years now. Generally I have had pretty good battery life results, the only exception being the reproduction tar top R59 batteries in my muscle cars, but those are typically of poor quality for some reason unknown to me. My...
  10. marc1

    2011 Shelby GT500 - Transmission

    Hi, I want to change out the factory transmission fill on my Shelby. The service manual indicated I should use a thread locker / sealer Ford spec WSK-M2G351-A5 on the fill and drain plugs. Interesting... 1) I have never used thread sealer / locker on any manual transmission plugs before (old...
  11. marc1

    Microsoft Money Replacement

    Hi, I have used Microsoft Money for almost 2 decades, it has served our household very well. It is no longer supported and while the version I am using (2005) works fine on my current PC platform and OS... one day I will have to upgrade these things and Money won't function anymore. I want to...
  12. marc1

    Airaid SynthaMax vs. OE

    Hi, Here is something that doesn't happen to me everyday. The aftermarket "performance" air filter is significantly cheaper than the OE filter. I am looking at the Airaid SynthaMax (not the oiled SynthaFlow) to possibly replace the OE air filter when the time comes to change the air filter in...
  13. marc1

    Meguire's Aficionados

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the difference between Meguire's NXT Generation Tech Wax and their Ultimate Liquid Wax? The website wasn't very informative at all. I generally use the NXT on my vehicles however my retailer had the Ultimate Liquid on sale this week so I bought that instead. I have a...
  14. marc1

    Trailer Brake Controller Recommendations

    Hi, I need to purchase a trailer brake controller for my 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 and would like some advice. 1) I am not brand particular, what brands should I be considering (Reese, Curt, etc.)? 2) I want a good quality one, what brand has the best technology? 3) I want one that integrates /...
  15. marc1

    2011 Shelby GT500 - Headroom

    Hi, I am potentially looking at a 2011 Shelby GT500 Coupe. The car is not local so I can't go sit in it. My question is to 2011 GT500 Coupe owners; how is the headroom (driver seat, I am not concerned about the rear seats), I am 6'4"? The brochure indicates <span style="font-weight...
  16. marc1

    2006 GMC Sierra 4wd - 4wd Indicator LED

    Hi, This may seem petty but the indicator LED's for what state I am in (2wd, 4wd hi or 4wd lo or auto) are extraordinary dim on my GMC. I have to shade the button area to actually see the light. Yes I generally know whether I am in 4wd or 2wd (and 4 lo is obvious of course) but I am not the...
  17. marc1

    2013 Detroit Autoshow

    Hi, Can a regular guy like me go to this show? Or is it strictly industry elite / press / celebrities etc. only? If a regular guy can go, are there online ticket purchases available etc.? I did do a Google search and didn't see anything conclusive. Thanks, Marc
  18. marc1

    2013 Mustang GT - Brembo

    Hi, I am in the process of looking at a new vehicle if things work out. I am seriously considering the above vehicle and I have some questions for owners / aficionados: 1) Does this vehicle have a TPMS system? 2) What is the owner's manual specified oil requirement? I think is is conventional...
  19. marc1

    Refractometer Coolant Tester

    Hi, Does anybody have a recommendation on one of these? I am looking for a low cost unit if possible. Thanks, Marc
  20. marc1

    Halogen H4 / H1 Dim

    Hi, I have a four lamp system car, 5.75" lamps. I am running European E-Code Cibie domed lens headlamps with 60/55 H4's (hi/lo) and 55 H1 (hi) bulbs. The lenses are reasonably new (every few years they take a rock and I replace them in pairs), certainly no clouding / pitting etc. System voltage...