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    Is pennzoil platinum discontinued?

    Can't find it in stores at all. Wondering whats the deal? Thanks, Aaron
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    Honda f12x watercraft oil

    Currently use amsoil, but almost 10 bucks a quart for 10w40 for motorcyle oil is ----. Any good alternatives? Thanks, Aaron
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    need a new oil suggestion for my 2 stroke superjet(calls for twc3)

    Been running the amsoil hp injector oil for awhile, but honestly, 25 bucks for a gallons is ridiculous. I was given the west marine oil this week since i ran out of gas, and didnt notice a **** difference. Only thing I have added to this engine is a factory pipe exhaust, but other than that...
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    Mobil 1 is group III......(According to an uneducated amsoil rep)

    This is not a diss to amsoil dealers or the product, just idiots in the industry who know about little to nothing. I was at the new baltimore pwc races last saturday, and happen to be by the amsoil tent. The guy was really pushing amsoil as the end of all oils, saying its the best oil there...
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    mobil 1 5w20 vs pennzoil platinum 5w20(2002 honda civic ex 5 speed)

    Well, I need to change my oil right now, and I have been using mobil 1 5w20 with 0 complaints and 0 oil usuage for 45,000 miles(car has 55,000 on it right now). I can get a good deal on the pennzoil platinum at murrays since its on sale, but is it better than mobil 1 or comparable? Also, is it...
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    Mobil response to 2t racing in marine applications

    "Mobil1 Racing 2T is not formulated for marine 2-stroke applications. The product does not meet the marine toxicity requirements. Mobil does not have a product other than the Exxon 2-cycle Supreme however, it is a conventional oil product. -- Thank you for choosing ExxonMobil products. If you...
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    Best oils for 2 stroke watercraft, and why?

    I know this has been beaten to death, but Im posting this because I want to know different opinions and facts from people who have used every 2 stroke oil to begin with. What oils should be used in watercraft, and what oils shouldn't be used? Which oils offer the best protection and keep...
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    Thinking about switching to mobil 2t in my yamaha superjet

    As many of you know, Im very happy with the hp injector oil as far as clean burning, but after three gallons of it, Im going to experiment with another oil, mobil 2t. I figure 5-6 bucks more for a higher quality oil is not a bad deal, and it will probably be better for my motor since i usually...
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    Need help selecting an oil for my 701cc 2 stroke yamaha superjet

    Alright guys, I just picked this ski up. The previous owner ran Yamalube its whole life(this ski is premixed, no oil injection). My question is, what oil should I run in it? I know yamalube seems like a great choice, but I just can't justify paying almost $16 when I can get amsoil hp injector...
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    Drained 02 honda civic ex tranny factory fill, filled with redline mtl

    Guys. Thanks for all the advice. Everything went well(cept for the siphon pump, that pos was defective, so I just used an oil extractor. As far as shifting goes, my shifting is 100% better than it was with the factory fill. As far as what color it was draining, it looked brand new?????(over...
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    Royal Purple is available at murrays discount auto parts.

    At 4.99 a quart, and they stock the 5w20, 5w30, and 10w30 i believe. They also are carrying their atf fluid, and more amsoil products.
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    Trans problem on honda harmony 1011 riding lawnmower, won't go in gear

    The message says it all guys. I started cutting my grass today, and all of a sudden, the transmission wouldn't go in gear at all. Im wondering if the transmission is shot. Any suggestions?
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    Manual Transmission Oil for '94 Toyota Tercel?

    Whats the manual call for, 10w30 or 10w40? And does it require a gl4 or 5 spec?
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    Redline mtl availability in michigan, and a honda tranny question?

    Anyone know where I can get this fluid locally around macomb michigan? Looking to change out the 02 civic trans fluid next week. I just have one question though. How hard is it to do(assuming its a 17mm fill bolt and a 3/8 square socket for the drain), are there any special washers for it...
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    Need amsoil 10w40 at a good price.

    Ok guys, Im in need of some amsoil 10w40 motorcycle engine oil for my jetski this year. Last year, i bought it from the harley dealer, but it was at a whopping $6.25 a quart, much higher than I wanted to pay. Where can i get this cheaper?
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    replace air filter during new oil change, or wait?

    I know this may sound stupid, but I just bought a new oem filtech air filter for my 02 civic ex, since I have about 21000 miles on the car and stock oem filter. I haven't taken it apart to look at, but I am pretty sure its dirty after 2 years. So, should I replace it asap, or do it before I...
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    oil filter for 2002 civic ex 5spd

    Ok guys, Im getting ready to change the oil again(been almost 6000 miles and going on 6 months on the m1 0w20 and the bosch premium). I am thinking about changing up and getting a different filter. I was thinking about getting an m1(I can get it for like 6-7 bucks because I have stuff to return...
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    another 94 taurus problem, transmission

    Hey guys, I have a 1994 taurus wagon with the v6 engine. In the first 5 minutes, the car wont move in drive, but after it warms up, then it is ok to drive. Its like when I step on the gas, I am going nowhere at all, like its not going into gear? what could be the problem?
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    oil filter for 03 accord v6

    Ok guys, im looking to change my moms oil on her new accord, but im stuck on what filter to get. Ive done a change on an 01 accord b4(same engine) and I used an ac delco, which worked great. Any other suggestions besides the ac delco(I dont want to get the ones from the dealer, they charge too...
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    Brake problem on 94 taurus(all wheel disc)

    Ok guys, I have been helping my dad fix his brakes on his 94 taurus. We replaced both sets of pads in front, and bled the front and back brakes(checked those also), and yet, we still have to pump the brakes a few times while driving to make it stop. We figured it might be the calipers, so we...