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  1. CarbonSteel

    Favorite Oil Analysis Provider ?

    Not sure where you are getting the price for Amsoil/Polaris, but they are $20.50 from Amsoil (preferred pricing) and I typically wait until there is a free shipping promotion and buy several. As for dilution, there is only one cure, short OCIs, so once you establish the baseline, the UOAs can...
  2. CarbonSteel

    Favorite Oil Analysis Provider ?

    For the vast majority here (myself included) UOAs are more of a "hobby" versus any real utilization of data to develop a maintenance plan and so (at least from my perspective) Dyson should not even be a consideration simply due to cost. If the UOA data were truly being used, we would have more...
  3. CarbonSteel

    Spied 2 Ford Broncos in Dillon, CO Today Jeep did the same. There are some dips that are not so obvious.
  4. CarbonSteel

    Spied 2 Ford Broncos in Dillon, CO Today

    Found a video of some guys filming them. I am surprised the Grinch is not in the video, I passed them at about the same spot:
  5. CarbonSteel

    Which Diff Oil. -Dodge Ram Diesel

    I use Amsoil as it is arguably the best on the market. 75W-110 in the front axle and 75W-140 in the rear. There should be some of my UOAs out there somewhere (2010 FX4, 2015 F250, 2019 Jeep). Out of curiosity, @2009ram2500 where are you finding Shell Spirax 75W-140?
  6. CarbonSteel

    Valve stem stuck open?

    Unless I am misunderstanding your thoughts, not all of the valves are going to be closed (or open) at the same time. Am I misunderstanding?
  7. CarbonSteel

    Spied 2 Ford Broncos in Dillon, CO Today

    Saw 2 of them in the "camo" covers driving down Hwy 6 between Dillon and Keystone. I wanted to turn around and snap some photos, but traffic did not allow. I am guessing they were headed to one of the off-road trails in the area for some testing. Looked pretty good heading down the road.
  8. CarbonSteel

    Strange Foreign Objects Found in Tires

    Some sort of bracket bolt
  9. CarbonSteel

    Do you drive with a spare, run flats, or neither?

    Three vehicles and 3 different "flat mitigation methods": C300 = run flats. Worst tire type ever, they are stupid expensive and last at least 50% less than standard tires. On vehicles that have staggered front and rear (like the C300) the life is even less and the UTQG means nothing...
  10. CarbonSteel

    Syntec is Back...

    Yep, I went there when it was Hi/Lo, definitely not one of my favorite places. I always thought that CarQuest was better.
  11. CarbonSteel

    First oil filter you ever bought

    It would have been a Lee LF-1 Two Stage from Kroger (back in the days when Kroger was like a Walmart). It was for a 1972 Ford 351C.
  12. CarbonSteel

    Shell Spirax HD Gear Oil (85W-140)

    I picked up 8 quarts of this to use as break-in oil when I re-gear my JLUR to 4.88 from 4.10. It was $2.39 a quart on Pep Boys ebay site with free shipping. Curious if anyone has used it and what experiences they had with it..
  13. CarbonSteel

    What's in your oil pan???

    2019 o)|||||(o Rubicon Wrangler Unlimited 3.6L V6 [RGT 0W-20 + Ultra] 2018 Mercedes Benz C300 2.0L Turbo [PPE 0W-40 + Mann] 2014 Ford Explorer Limited 3.5L [M1 AFE 0W-20 + Ultra]
  14. CarbonSteel

    Kendall GT1 Max Question W/ liquitek VOA

    My plan was to run Kendall 0W-20 in my Jeep, but then the RGT clearance at AAP happened. It is good oil and has free shipping. They recently tweaked the additive pack when it moved from SN+ to SP, but I have no reason to doubt it is not the same great oil.
  15. CarbonSteel

    How much ammo do you need?

    The 7 P's comes into play as well. All of my pistols use the same caliber bullet (different cartridges) but I plan far ahead so there is no need to have multiple calibers which limits economy of scale. The current situation has repeated itself at least 5 times since 1993 (in a big way) so we...
  16. CarbonSteel

    How much ammo do you need?

    You are not understanding the reason the primers were in the water--they were to be discarded as noted in this statement "I have had various components that didn't work out the way I wanted them to or that I just decided to stop using." I soaked them to safely discard them and as a check, I...
  17. CarbonSteel

    How much ammo do you need?

    Why? I have WWII .30 M1 Carbine ammo that has been reliable with no issues for as long as I have had them. I would posit the quantity stored is irrelevant, the method and environment in which it is stored is the relevant attribute. With that said, I can unequivocally state it takes more moisture...
  18. CarbonSteel

    How much ammo do you need?

    And isopropyl alcohol and clorox wipes and hand sanitizer...
  19. CarbonSteel

    Sludgy 1990 F150 5.0

    No matter which way you go OP, use a dab of anti-seize on the new bolts so this won't happen again.