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  1. Propflux01

    M1 0W-40 In Hyundai GDI 2.0L

    Currently use M1 5w-30 in this vehicle with 5k changes. I was thinking of trying this oil in this engine on my next change. Thoughts?
  2. Propflux01

    Catch Cans For DI Engines

    Waht are pros and cons of one? Does anyone know of an actual comparison between engines with and without one?
  3. Propflux01

    Putting LT Tires On An SUV

    Does anyone put LT tires on their SUV, such as a Tuscon or equinox size?
  4. Propflux01

    Oil Change Dillema

    Just bought a 2021 Hyundai Tuscon with the 2.4l GDI engine. It came with free 3 year scheduled maintenance, of which an oil change is scheduled for 7500 miles. Dealer stated they can go up to 1000 miles on either side of that number. Now since this engine is GDI, I can’t go that long on oil. I...
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    How do I get in touch with a moderator? I cant find anywhere like the old forum where I can. Thanx!
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    Oil For Pressure Washer Pump

    Anyone know what type of oil goes in pressure washer pumps? Is it the same oil as air compressors, or something different? I came across a bottle of oil for those, but it doesn’t specify what is special about it VS any other oil.
  7. Propflux01

    Kawa FR600V Oil

    Manual states 10w-40 for my climate. Would using a 5w-40 be better? What about a 15w-40? I'd rather stick with synthetic. Engine is brand new, on a snapper ZT rider. (360Z).
  8. Propflux01

    Utility Trailer Tire Size

    Is there any difference between a 4.80-12 and a 5.30-12 utility trailer tire, other than a wider width? Is the latter any taller or ?
  9. Propflux01

    Removing Oxygen Sensors

    What is the best way to remove these, on a bone cold engine, or heated engine? Reason I ask is I have heard both ways, and I have also heard of people breaking out the propane torch and heating it up. Thoughts? I have 4 to replace.
  10. Propflux01

    2014 Elantra delayed shift 4th to 5th

    I have a 2014 Elantra, 117K, runs great generally. When normal driving, no shift issues. I take a trip once a month to Kansas City from Little Rock.This goes through the Ozark "hills". When the car starts up these hills it downshifts as needed to the appropriate gear, which is usually from 6th...
  11. Propflux01

    Pressure Washer Pump Oil

    Simpson 3100. I've had it for about 6 years. I wanted to change the pump oil for PM reasons, but manual states no service needed. Pump has no visible plugs to add or remove oil, but I did find this sticker on the bottom of the pump. Anyone know how to go about this if its possible? <img...
  12. Propflux01

    Ethanol And Fuels Questions

    Here in the mid south, we seem to have two types of gas stations. Those who sell the 87/89/91, and those that sell 87/89/93. Am I wrong is assuming that: 87 is 85 w/ethanol, the 89 is pure (no ethanol), and the 91 is 89 w/ethanol and 87 is 85 w/ethanol, the 89 is max allowable ethanol, and...
  13. Propflux01

    Heaviest 5w-30 Synthetic?

    Can anyone tell me what synthetic is "thickest"? I.E. highest range on the 30 side?
  14. Propflux01

    School Me On Tire Rotations.

    I have noticed there are about three ways people usually rotate tire. One, the <span style="font-style: italic">front to back-back to front same side only</span>., Two, <span style="font-style: italic">the front to back-then back to opposite front</span>, and lastly, the <span style="font-style...
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    What Is This ?

    Yes, a filter, I know. But why is it like this, just loose and boxless? Found this at my local Wally World. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
  16. Propflux01

    What Fluid For Snapper Rear Axle

    I have a 28" cut snapper mower just like the one shown in the picture below. Over the summer it has developed a wheel seal leak and leaks what appears to be gear oil on the outside of the rear wheel. According to parts schematics there is a seal that can be replaced. However, no where does it...
  17. Propflux01

    Brake Fluid Exchange

    My late father left the family his 2003 Dodge Diesel one ton LWB truck. It is in great condition with 124K on it. Everytime I drive it (It stays parked in a garage) I feel that you have to push the brake pedal kind of hard to slow the truck. I do not know if the truck has always been like this...
  18. Propflux01

    Serpentine Belt Change

    Does anyone know when the best time to change the main serpentine belt is? Mine looks good, no visible cracks or anything, with 108K miles on it. 2014 Elantra. Should I go ahead an do PM on it or let it go longer?
  19. Propflux01

    General RT43 or Conti TrueContact Tour

    Size is 205/55-16, going on my 2014 Elantra sedan. I have ran the RT43's on the GT, with 17" tires. But there is quite a bit of difference between ride comfort between the 16" and 17". Tire mileage is not much of a concern as the roads down here usually eat them pretty quick. Not much if any...
  20. Propflux01

    Coloured wax

    I've seen coloured wax for cars that you want to hide imperfections on. They seem to be mediocre waxes with a dye in them to help cover scratches, etc. can this type of setup be home made using something like RIT dye ?