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    King of steaks grill pics

  2. double vanos

    Syntec is Back...

    If it’s not made by Castrol I’m thinking they’ll raise some sand over using a copyrighted name.
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    How are the Mazda SKYACTIV transmissions?

    C&D, Consumer Reports and others seem to like it concerning driving dynamics. Reliability wise I haven’t read anything bad, and I hang out on Mazda forums regularly. I’d take it over a cvt any day!
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    Thanks to the members here for their wisdom

    I posted a health question here a while ago concerning my hyperthyroid problem. The link is here: The advice to get a second opinion was spot on! I wound up going to Houston to get a total...
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    Am I wasting money with Amsoil/Schaeffers?

    I just use whatever Castrol has and call it a day. So far, so good.
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    Valvoline 75w140 is fine.
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    Cylinder wall treatment for Porsche?

    ZeeOSix you’re right! I had a ’73 Vega and drove it 60k trouble free miles before trading it in on a Camaro. Never used oil.
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    Do you still wrench while injured?

    Does working on your car with arthritis count? If so, yes. Right thumb is painful, my right shoulder is hamburger meat. I’m shot, but I still carry on....
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    Cylinder wall treatment for Porsche?

    I can’t think of a single reason to use this technology over steel cylinder liners, except weight savings. Saving weight in the bore area of an engine, especially a Porsche engine, seems insane to me. Steel liners add maybe 6lbs to an engine (guessing); I’ll take the extra weight gain to improve...
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    Is Japan the last bastion for affordable enthusiast sports cars?

    It’s a lot more fun driving a slow car (like the Miata) fast than driving a fast car fast - less tickets or jail time.
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    2.7 ecoboost (variable displacement oil pump & engine oil bypass filter)

    This was discussed on an F150 forum some time back and does merit concern. Imagine towing a fairly substantial load and the oil pump drops the oil pressure to a lower level to reduce parasitic loss. I know this is factory tested but it does make one wonder.
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    Worrisome development, need medical advice

    Thanks guys! To clarify how I got to where I am, here we go. The last time I felt “normal” was April this year, I even moved into a new house, no problem. Then I started to get the shakes and felt “nervous” inside. Weakness in hot weather and declining stamina sent me to my nurse practitioner...
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    Worrisome development, need medical advice

    Ok guys, I was recently diagnosed as being hyperthyroid and tests by my endocrinologist show a toxic nodule on one side of my thyroid. The endocrinologist wants me to do radioactive iodine treatment which I’m not too crazy about. Something about emitting radiation for 3-5 days, at levels high...
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    Dumb Question? M1 5W-30 AP vs M1 5W-30 EP - Why chose one over the other?

    M1AP was kinda doomed from the get go, IIRC it was initially priced around $40 a 5qt jug. With sooo many high quality oil choices available at half the price folks stayed away in droves.
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    2018 Ford Edge Sport - Amsoil XL 5w-30 - 5,993 miles

    As far as timing chains go SP oils have been formulated with reduction of chain wear in mind (among other things). I sure won’t recommend against using euro oils in EB engines, i went 144k in my ‘11 EB F150 on Castrol Edge 0w40! My ‘18 3.5 EB is currently digesting Magnatec and with dual...
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    Factory Ford Ranger Oil Filter C&P

    Seem to recall getting to the oil filter involves the driver side wheel well. Did you have much trouble getting to it? If you can give us a review of the truck if you don’t mind.
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    BMW Chain never needs lube or adjustment

    This smacks of BMWs car line and their “lifetime” fluids...
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    Will using softened water to wash car cause rust?

    I use a deionizer when I wash. Use it to rinse. Get about 250 gallons before resin change. Really like it, worth the $90 or so for new resin.
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    Engine temp before oil change?

    I warm my cars about half way up, maybe a mile of driving. By the time I get it up on the stands heat isn’t a problem. Semi warm oil drains just fine.