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    Vaseline to lube my rubber..

    Good to hear. That was a serious problem for pets.
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    Vaseline to lube my rubber..

    I've heard that antifreeze works. I've never tried it though. I don't think it would last very long though. If you try it be careful not to spill any on the floor. It tastes sweet and pets will lick up an antifreeze puddle with disastrous results.
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    I don't think the issue is the quality of the paints. As you say there are very good products available. Most likely the same as the manufacturer uses. The body guy I was talking to (who seemed to know a lot about painting and was the go-to guy for high end auto painting in a large city) said...
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    1973 Volkswagen Beetle Problems

    I'd think long and hard about some other way to open that latch before cutting anything. The hood on my BMW wouldn't open but my aftermarket repair guy knew how to open it so he could replace the cable.
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    What you say is true. The dealer may not have been involved. But most dealerships have someone who is good at recognizing a repainted panel. So they know or could know if they bothered to check. I can't find those repainted panels. I can barely see the tiny defects when someone points them out...
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    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    Engine oil dipstick, spare tire, manual transmission
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    Oil level lower in the morning

    That used to happen on my first car too. I eventually learned to only check the oil level when it was fully warm and had been sitting for a few minutes. The apparent oil level on some cars (maybe most cars) moves up and down depending on several factors - recent running, and warm or cold engine...
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    If it's any consolation I only discovered several years after I bought the car that the right rear fender of my new Solara had been repainted. I could only see it when a body man pointed out a few specs of dust in the paint. We kept that car in the family for +/- 10 years and that paint still...
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    Full size spare? Donut spare? Or tire inflator kit?

    The ideal option is a matching spare wheel and tire. That's what I have in my BMW. The second best option is a same size steel wheel with a full size tire. That's what I had in my Solara. Either one will get you home from anywhere. Way down the list is the donut spare. That's what I have in my...
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    63 427 Galaxie 500

    That's not a '63. It's a '63 1/2. The '63 had a square roof-line. The '63 1/2 had the streamlined roof you see in this photo. It's said that mid year change was made to improve stock car aerodynamics. The '63 1/2 Galaxie 500 is one of my all time favourites.
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    Physics Question

    My (unstated) assumption was that the piston pushing down on the gas was moving very slowly (or quasi-statically if you prefer). But even if the piston was moving quickly, the force being applied would not be in the direction of gas movement (at least as I envision the apparatus). I could...
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    Physics Question

    Thinking out loud: 1) Gas molecules are somewhat like balls circling on a series of stacked plates. Pushing the plates closer together would have no effect on their angular momentum. So there should be no effect. 2) In addition, the force being applied is not in the direction of motion...
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    Lake Country CCS Foam Pads

    I've used Lake Country foam pads and with excellent results. I only use 2 - a white/beige one for polishing and black one for wax application. Mine are a few years old though so the colours may have changed.
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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    No, but we bought a house unseen once. We had spent quite a bit of time looking at houses (with an agent) and couldn't find what we wanted. Not long after we had gone home (a 2 - 3 hour flight) a very pretty and pretty good house came on the market. Bought it sight unseen with the proviso we get...
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    Oiled undercarraige long term pics.

    One of the things we used to dread on the prairies was coming upon a road crew applying a coat of "oil" on the highway. That could go on for miles and no matter how slowly you drove you ended up with that oil everywhere. Many of us spent hours getting it off. But not my cousin. Now deceased...
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    Why did this wheel stud break? Metallurgy issue?

    Your weight has nothing to do with how much torque you applied (unless you always balanced your body weight on the very tip of that 9" wrench for the final torque - which seems very unlikely). That's a brittle torsional fracture. Looks to me like it's been over torqued. There's a good chance...
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    Honda timing belts........

    I had the timing belt on my V6 Accord replaced by the dealer and the service did not include valve adjustment.
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    Whatever happened to......

    I worked for the federal government for 6 years. We had a 4WD vehicle for access to "the wilds" during bad weather. We were not allowed to use 4WD to go anywhere, but we could use it to get home. When I was growing up no-one had a 4WD. Trucks were 2WD and people went everywhere with them. I've...
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    Thoughts on trying to complete this barely started home?

    We built our first house. I was the general contractor. The very first thing that happened was the surveyor got the elevations wrong resulting in the foundation being dug in too deep. The foundation people said they'd do whatever was necessary to make it right. And they tried but I spent the...
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    Most significant common cars of, lets call it the "Modern" period

    Mazda Miata. Fun to drive and reliable. (Original) Mini and Mini Cooper