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    What are safe oil temperatures during spirited driving?

    I generally shut things down in the NSX when oil hits 275F. I've contacted Red Line and Mobil tech support folks and both agreed that was a relatively conservative limit. I have heard some Corvettes run hotter than that and that GM considers it just fine. Anyhow, 225F or so isn't even close to...
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    Infrequently Used 2011 Grand Sport

    Poor car, needs to get driven more... that is the solution :)
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    The furthest you’ve driven, straight on through

    Oh, most of them are definitely not. There are NSX out there with 300-400 thousand miles on them. The best part of the NSX is that it can be reliably driven; it is a Honda, after all :)
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    The furthest you’ve driven, straight on through

    About 14 hours, from Pueblo, CO to Houston, TX in my '92 NSX. It's such a fantastic car on the highway (and on the track, and everywhere else!). I got home and told my wife I could easily have kept going. Got up into the mountains and thought the car was having issues, couldn't understand why...
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    Will FoMoCo Kill off the Lincoln Brand?

    I like a lot of what they offer. I know others that do, too. But, I'm not paying that kind of money for a new SUV.
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    Alignment: too picky?

    Definitely not being picky there. It should be straight. Which reminds me, I never straightened the wheel on my Lexus after replacing the rack bushings.
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    Oil for the track

    You don't need to change your oil after every weekend. That's nonsense. I change the oil in my NSX once a year. Same in the S2K, really. The Lexus, well, I haven't decided yet, it gets tracked more, so probably more often than that, but not every weekend. Flush the oil system? Seriously, you...
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    Oil for the track

    Personally I would go with a) what BMW recommends, b) to a forum that is more tailored to track and BMW discussion as they will have practical answers on what works. BMWs are very popular track cars, obviously, so folks will have experience with these motors. If it were me, I'd talk to my buddy...
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    Motorcraft FL-820S, ~9000 miles

    This filter came off my Expedition. I have about 107K miles on it. Always run M1 of some kind, currently M1 5W-20 Truck & SUV. I normally change right at 7500 miles, but we took a road trip this month and I pushed about 1500 miles past that. The ADBV still worked great. Despite having left it...
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    Rock Auto horrible customer service

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by 92saturnsl2</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> On a handful of occasions I've received the wrong part, they were quick to fix it and most times they've let me keep the wrong item. Sure it takes a few days for the correct...
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    Recent experience with a Michelin Defender

    On my second or third set of Defenders on my 2012 Expedition. Fantastic tire.
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    S2000 First UOA, 1000 Miles, Penrite Racing 10w40

    I guess technically Tin has elevated, but really, it seems hardly noteworthy. IMHO, of course, and I know nothing.
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    1992 Acura NSX, Red Line 10W-30, ~1400 miles/1 year

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Marco620</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I keep forgetting that the s2000 and NSX use 10w30.</div></div> Yeah.. the S2K actually mentions 0W-40 in the manual ("in the winter"), and I believe outside of the USA it was...
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    1992 Acura NSX, Red Line 10W-30, ~1400 miles/1 year

    As the title says, the car is a 1992 Acura NSX running Red Line 10W-30; the oil has about 1400 miles on it and was changed just at the one year mark. Nothing too exciting to see. I am sad that I drove the car so little in the last year. This was mostly city driving with days at the track...
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    Road America Indy Car

    Super fun track. Wish it was closer to me, but was totally worth the drive a few years ago for NSXPO... <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    How many years of oil do you keep?

    Oil is easily obtained "just in time". I do order Red Line by the case for the track cars, otherwise I just go to the store and pick up what I need when I need it.
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    When yall buy a used vehicle from dealer

    Probably extreme, but as soon as I buy a vehicle, I'm looking at changing oils (engine/trans/diff), plugs, filters (air/oil/cabin), and whatever other maintenance items might exist. I don't trust anyone to have done it or done it right, and it's also an opportunity to learn the car a bit.
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    RedLine 10w-30 5k mi; Honda S2000 40k mi

    I would stick to Red Line 10W-30. Consistency is good, you're looking for a trend. If there is something wrong with the car, it's not the oil; any modern oil should do well for you, an Red Line is more than up to the task. (I run Red Line 10W-30 in all my track cars, FWIW.)
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    Internet speeds in current climate.

    I have AT&T gigabit fiber. Haven't seen a real change in speeds. Usually I am limited by my wireless setup, anyhow.
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    TT @ MSR Cresson + HPDE @ ECR

    Come on over to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and also join the Discord chat. Lots of Texas TT folks there. Welcome to the club!