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    Chonda engine spark plug replacement?

    my chonda unit came with this SAP branded F7TC model of plug. looking for a higher quality replacement, what equivalent NGK or Denso plug to get model number wise. is iridium available too?
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    0w oils?

    With these push lawn mowers and small 200cc engined pressure washers does anyone use or even recommend using a 0w oil like 0w30 or even 0w40? Thought if they are splash lubed then a thinner oil on startup would be more beneficial?
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    When to do first oil change on pressure washer?

    So iv used my new pressure washer and its got around 4 hours of running time on it. Its stored away now till next years garden cleaning time. When should i do its first oil change? Owners manual says 50 hour run time then change oil. Should i wait for it to reach that 50 time or run it next year...
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    mower revs going up and down

    fired up the mower and cut the grass, probably been a few months since it was cut, started up quick but engine was revving up and down oddly. video attached of whats happening. it did revving up and down after a few minutes and worked perfectly after. what could have caused that to happen?
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    Which dipstick?

    While cleaning this pressure washer with a clone honda engine 212cc i noticed it has 2 dipsticks! I cant believe i missed this out before. Which dipstick do i use for oil checking? Are they linked to the same oil sump or are they seperate and need to be filled and checked individually? Pic attached
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    pressure washer out of gas but gas is still in the tank????

    i think my lawnmower has this syndrome, the pressure washer a chonda engine 212cc thing ran out of fuel a few times when i was washing and the final time i filled it and it ran out i thought yes its empty now i can store it away for winter till next year (the fuel has been treated with briggs...
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    greasing up parts of engine?

    just wondering iv got some spay can white lithium grease used to grease up car door hinges etc and was wondering should i use this on the linkages of my pressure washer engine which has a 212cc engine? moving parts like the choke lever and the throttle linkage etc? or should i just leave it...
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    how to correctly check the oil level?

    so i got this pressure washer which is a 212cc engine. iv attached pics, reading up people say you check the oil level by not threading in the dipstick and just placing it in the hole and pull out and check oil level. iv been screwing it all the way in then taking it out to check oil. have i...
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    High octane fuel?

    Does it make any difference in using higher octane fuel in these small 200c 4 stroke engines like honda gx200 and clones?
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    Good engine brands?

    For small 4 strokes iv seen recommended honda and briggs and stratton brands. What other brands are considered to be good quality engines?
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    Buying used motor what to check?

    Looking into a used honda gx390 motor. What should i be looking for when checking it out?
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    pressure washer, electric or petrol engine?

    looking to replace my nilfisk pressure washer that has a burned out motor. cant even get a replacement motor for it. seen various reasonable priced petrol/gas based models that look to have lawnmower style engines. e.g...
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    old lawnmower service?

    i got an old flymo lawnmower from my brother it uses a briggs and stratton engine, its not been used for over a year so was wondering what i can do to service it. i dont have the owners manual for it any more so dont know what so of oil i can put in it. also it doesnt seem to have a oil drain...
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    Coolant flange leaking dont know how to fix

    iv cleaned up the engine block area where the flange fits and noticed its pitted in some areas and one area had a deepish pit in it where i think its been leaking from. the o ring on the old flange looks bad and also looks like part of the flange may be broken. iv attached pics, i dont know if...
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    Classic cars classic oils?

    So iv seen many sites selling whats called classic car oil. Usually its 20w50. If you own an older car made in the 1960s does that mean you have to use oil technology from that period?
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    Synthetic oil worse for cooling?

    Taken from here: <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>lowdown-oil</a> <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Synthetic oils typically have quite different heat transfer...
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    200cc pressure washer sae 30 oil or something better?

    seen a petrol powered pressure washer with a 4 stroke 200cc engine rated at 6.5hp. it states to use sae 30 oil. from what iv been reading up on here the 30 rating is when the oil is hot, so why not use a fully synthetic car engine oil that is multigrade like 5w30 or 0w30? since when up to...
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    Valve/rocker/cam cover gasket falling off?

    So when a gasket is placed in the valve cover it fits fine. But turn the cover upside down to put back on the engine then parts of the gasket start falling off and its next to impossible to get it to go on properly without damaging the gasket or having leaks. Is there something made to stick it...
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    crank and water pump pulleys stuck

    so changing the waterpump and doing timing belt too iv hit a snag where the water pump pulley is stuck to the pump even though iv removed the bolts that hold the pulley on. same with the crank pulley iv got the crank pulley bolt off but the pulley is still stuck on and pulling it doesnt seem to...
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    going from blue coolant to orange?

    i got a 1995 ford fiesta in the uk, its has a 1.6 16v zetec silvertop engine. car has always been run on blue antifreeze for over 20 years. specs it conforms to are: British Standards BS6580 (2010) and ASTM D 3306 & ASTM D 4985, SAE J 1034, AFNOR NF R 15601. and is Ethylene Glycol based...