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    Giving Blood

    Okay, I rarely post on any forum, and I rarely boast, but here I go doing both at once! At age 48, I hit 9 gallons on my last whole blood donation. I've donated about a gallon of platelets, and done 5 "double red blood cell" donations. I'll probably never do platelets again because I'm going...
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    Are you still using Schaeffers oil?

    Yes, I am absolutely still using Schaeffer's. Yes, I'm using the 9000 in two VWs (1.8T and 2), and in my boat. Other cars/trucks/lawn stuff gets 5w30. Everything that uses grease gets #274 except the trailer ball gets #238 and the garage door opener screw gets some 00 #221. Both differentials...
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    Any magic bullets for increasing MPG?

    Contrary to 55, I think you'll find you get better gas mileage when keeping your tank fairly full versus keeping it low. I know this seems counterintuitive.I think I first read about this on Bob's original forum. I thought he was crazy, but tried it. It has been true for me on three different...
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    Where does your username come from?

    I started developing software on Unix about 25 yrs ago. Back then it was pretty much standard that your user name was your initials; in lower case letters. It really ticks me off when I register on a site where I can't get twb as my user name.
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    What grease for garage door opener rail screw?

    In warm weather, almost any grease will work. As soon as it gets cold though, those screw drives will start to chatter and stall the motor. I've used Lubriplate Low-Temp Aerospace (something like that) with great success. Even with some of the record cold temps we've had here the last few...
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    Detergent or non detergent in '74 beetle

    Hey neighbor. I don't have any comments about the oil, I just want to ask why you would drive such a sweet oldie through all the salt and sand of a western NY winter? Please don't!
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    Daylight Savings Time

    Not only do I think DST is ridiculous (change your work/play hours as needed), I think we should do away with time zones. Does it really matter to you if the middle of the night is 4:00 or 11:00 or whatever? With no time zones there would be no confusion over what time it is in another part of...
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    What is being used in bitoger's VW 1.8Ts?

    1) What year is your car? 2002 Passat 2) Did you have sludge? No 3) How long were your OCIs? 5K miles 4) What oil were you using? Schaeffer's 5w30, unbelievably good UOAs. You can probably still find 'em here. 5) How did you get rid of the sludge? didn't have to 6) What are you using now...
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    whats the fastest you've ever been in a car?

    130+ in my VW Passat. I immediately thought about getting caught - forget a ticket, I probably would have gotten hauled off to jail. The car acted like it was doing 55! Those German cars are absolutely made to go fast and do it well. It's really frustrating to keep that car near the speed limit...
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    Phaeton factory

    It helps explain the ridiculously high price of the Phaeton!
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    Grease for Ways?

    Hmm, I have a tube of 00 #221 out in my garage. Has it been discontinued?
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    What do you guys do for your wife for Valentines?

    I kick her in the a** and demand to know where my dinner is! Yeah, right. It happens to be my wife's birthday, and most of my focus is on that. Besides, my wife has the same view of Valentines Day as most of the women I really respect. They recognize it as a day designed to make men feel...
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    What about 5w-40 diesel engine oils?

    Geez crypto, you hijacked my thread off topic on the very first follow up! I'm not sure I've seen/heard anyone talk about water in their <i>engine</i> oil. It's a constant topic when talking about lower units on outboards and sterndrives though. I agree fully that some people get carried away...
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    What about 5w-40 diesel engine oils?

    Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about using high end 5w-40 diesel oils in marine engines? I'm mostly concerned with recreational boats. I had been thinking about starting a thread specifically about Delvac 1, but now that my favorite oil manufacturer (Schaeffer Mfg) has come out...
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    Bill of No rights

    <blockquote>quote:<hr /> This is attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from Cobb County, GA. <hr /></blockquote>I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this was written by one of my heroes, Neal Boortz. My daily dose of "Nealz Nuze" is more important than my daily dose of BITOG!
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    Things that sound terrible, but aren't

    Probably half the men in the Rochester, NY area that have had a vasectomy, got it done by Dr. Stopp!
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    Slippery roads, weight in rear

    I'm a firm believer in putting all your extra weight in the front of the box. Over the wheels is barely exceptable. Weight in the back will give you lots of tail wag and just takes weight off the wheels that steer and do most of the braking.
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    GM Piston Slap

    I've got a 1998 Silverado with a 350, the last year for the "old" style 350. In the winter I definitely get what people would call piston slap on startup, and it goes away in a minute or so. I'm a little skeptical about it actually being caused by the piston "rattling" around, as I found it's...
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    1st oil change, what a MESS!!!!

    Yeah, I've read posts by people touting the plastic bag method of changing oil filters. I believe if the filter is accessible enough to keep the friggin' bag in place, then the bag isn't needed. And as far as the location of filters, they seem to get worse and worse. I use to complain like crazy...
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    VW and Audi oil sludge issues . . .

    I've been reading about the 1.8T consuming all sorts of oil, and now the oil sludge thing. Maybe my experience with my '02 Passat is a great testimony to Schaeffer's oil. Now, I admit I don't drive the crap out of mine like so many 1.8T owners seem to do, but I don't baby it either. Just ask...