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    I turned 48 today, at what age did you start to feel old?

    I feel like I'm aging exponentially at this point. 33 this year and I already find myself less willing to go to really busy/loud areas. I like being at home more and more. But my mother used to say I was 12 going on 50 so i tend to lean one way anyway. My poor wife.
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    Does a magnetic drain plug make more sense on a scooter?

    Agreed. Luckily the 150 is still a great engine in my experience. Of course that's in a PCX since I've never ridden the ADV and wont until April.
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    Does a magnetic drain plug make more sense on a scooter?

    Curious people thoughts. I think a magnetic drain plug on a vehicle with a "real" oil filter is the iffy topic, right? But I just purchased a 2023 Honda ADV 150 and I've got a Goldplug ready to go in for the first oil change. The ADV has a little thimble strainer like most sub 200cc scooters do...
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    Quiet Compact cars

    My Accent is the quietest sub-compact I've had. But it's never going to be a Lexus. You really want quite you either go bigger or go luxury.
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    Sand Bags For Traction - I Am All Set For Winter

    Totally agree. I think ideally you would want the weight directly over the rear axle for best effect.
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    New Vehicle Undercoating - Cosmoline, Woolwax, Fluid Film, etc???

    Choose one you're willing to purchase and apply. Just like with oil there is no "best" product. They all have plusses and minuses. But I think we can call agree rubberized undercoating is worse than doing nothing in the long run.
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    Rust Prevention detail vs coatings?

    We'll just have to agree to disagree on that one. The amount of time it would take for surface rust to turn into a hole is so long it's basically irrelevant in my opinion.
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    Another Polar Vortex on its way

    Coldest temp we have forecast here in the next 10 days is -11F which is cold but no polar vortex.
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    Rust Prevention detail vs coatings?

    This is the #1 reason cars rust out. Surface rust is ugly but really nothing. Catastrophic rust comes from the inside out. I honestly think we put way too much importance on exterior undercoating and way too little on an internal wax/ oil based coating.
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    Favorite option you’ll have to have

    Not sure how cold it gets in DC but when you get in a car that's been sitting outside in -30F it takes a long time for heat to come out of the vents, let alone warm your seat. My seat heaters on cloth seats warm up in about 20 seconds.
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    Favorite option you’ll have to have

    I've tried to put LED bulbs in 2 different cars that originally had halogens. I think you really need a housing designed for an LED bulb to get max performance. The halogen reflector housing doesn't seem to allow for the crisp/clean light cut off from a properly designed LED housing. But I'm not...
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    Favorite option you’ll have to have

    I never really cared until I had a car with really good headlights. They are so crisp and project really far compared to old halogens. Really helpful here in the winter since it's dark at 4pm.
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    Favorite option you’ll have to have

    LED headlights and surprisingly push button start. I used to prefer key for the simplicity but not having to pull out a key with big gloves on when its -10 is sure nice.
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    Rust Prevention detail vs coatings?

    Unless you have a heated garage with a drain the wash method isn't feasible here. That's why I prefer coating. Not to mention a properly applied coating stops salt from ever touching bare metal.
  15. J

    Costco 51 cheaper than 51R

    Likely demand related.
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    I'm looking for a wheel cover for the Camry

    I've gone down this road before. I like the idea of the quirky look of "dog dish" hubcaps on a modern car. I've never succeeded in finding a good source. It can also be very hard to tell if what you find will even fit your vehicle.
  17. J

    How to ensure shop did/would do work

    Ask for the old parts back. What are the odds they have 4 matching used plugs lying around that fit your bike? If you have that level of paranoia then you need to do it yourself.
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    Sardines, blind robins and kipper snacks

    I wonder if sardines are an "older" generation thing (no offense meant). Like what is the average age of someone that eats sardines? I imagine it becomes less and less common every year but that's just my theory. I couldn't be paid to eat them honestly.
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    For those without Automatic Climate Control, when do you turn on the heat?

    I would prefer to get some engine heat built up but it's too cold here to do so. My windows would be opaque before i got to 1/4 heat on the engine temp gauge and i would be one with a tree or ditch.
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    MISCInfographic: The Longest Lasting Cars, in Miles

    What does long lasting even mean? Isn't this all just based around what people are willing to pay to keep a car going?