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    EVs more expensive to refuel, than ICE

    It’s called agenda.
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    EVs more expensive to refuel, than ICE

    Mr. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he earned a Master of Public Policy degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He is a member of the National Association for Business Economics and the National Association of Forensic Economists. The Michigan...
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    Aprilaire filter interval

    Depends on which filter you’re using.
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    Apps that track fuel usage like a gas gauge

    My Autel dongle reads actual liters remaining on my phone.
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    Toyota, why are you absent from the EV races?

    Beta was a better format and did last longer than VHS, but lost overall. Toyota meet Sony.
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    Shell buys free charging station operator Volta

    Somebody needs to combine charging with vacuuming. Vacuum while you charge. Charge $ for both.
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    Shell buys free charging station operator Volta

    Shell knows where the future is going.
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    5 days to charge a EV Humvee using wall outlet!

    Doesn’t matter how long it takes to charge, that is irrelevant. The question is can it be charged enough overnight to replenish what is used in an average day.
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    Tesla Drops USA Prices up to 20%

    Tesla needs to take a lesson from the British auto industry. They are ramping up production and making production gains to produce a car that is already 5 years old. Build quality and design complacency killed the British.
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    Toyota Considers New EV platform

    The naysayers like to say that because Toyota doesn’t make electric vehicles, electric vehicles must be bad.
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    Toyota Considers New EV platform

    Seems to contradict a lot of the naysayers.
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    Tesla changed brake suppliers last year on one model.

    Plastic caliper covers!
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    Southern rock bands

    Rush is from southern Ontario.
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    Heat Pumps Improve EV Range in Cold Weather

    Huge advantage to heat/cool the car while charging.
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    Tesla SEMI Event

    Professional drivers are paid by the hour and therefore have no reason to speed and endanger the lives of others.
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    Audi Q3 alternative oils..

    Quaker State is cheap and available...
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    Price cut and free charging for Tesla

    Seems Tesla stock may be in for another beating today. They seem to be echoing GM by discounting. Not good for share price.
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    H/K absolutely killin' it in the EV world

    I bet it can’t even finish a lap there, at least without derating.
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    Price cut and free charging for Tesla