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    Motul vs Pentosin?

    The term "synthetic" or "fully synthetic" motor oil is used controversial internationally, but has been clearly defined in Germany by several court decisions. According to these rulings, only motor oils that consist entirely of polyalphaolefinic or dicarboxylic acid ester base oils plus...
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    Motul vs Pentosin?

    I was discussing the 0W-20's that are in our program. Sorry for the confusion there. I can ask our home office to better explain the laws/legistlations on our labeling.
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    Motul vs Pentosin?

    The discussions here about laws in Germany are sort of correct. Any oil that is manufactured in Germany has to state HC-Synthesis for Group III oils. The only "Full Synthetic" oils we can label as such are Group IV oils. Even some of the newer 0W-20 weight oils we released ran into some issues...
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    VW 504/507 oil - Mobil 1 5w30 ESP vs Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w30

    In case anyone is interested, we also have a made in Germany product for this. We are the new kid on the block, but it's worth noting as well!!
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    Product Data Sheet(s) playing "fast and loose" with approvals, recommendations, etc.?

    Just our input here - This is definitely a marketing thing and it's to distract people from lack of approvals, etc. Most oils made in Germany have to include the differentiation between Meets Specs and Approvals by law. The same reason you will see anything that is considered a Group III oil...
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    German ROWE Motor Oil

    Thank you all for the kind words! We are still pretty new to the North American market and we strive to provide the best Made In Germany fluids to you at reasonable prices! If you ever have questions on products, or where to find them, please do not hesitate to message us! We have some exciting...
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    Opinions about ROWE with 10w-60 for E92 m3?

    We are here to help answer any questions you may have! Thanks!