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    Subaru dead battery

    Sorry but many complaints of weak or dead batteries in new Subies. They apparently cheapened out on the battery. Really, for your location you could see multiple below 0* days and 390 CCA won't cut it.You need a new battery and people are going with 640 CCA size now.
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    The Case Against Corporate Crime

    If memory serves me correctly in the PINTO case, didn't FORD choose to not tell customers of the problem even though they had advanced warning of potential fires? I do recall something about weighing the cost benefit and they concluded that it was cheaper for them to wait for the challenges in...
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    Another Blizzard on the way!!!

    This is an EL NINO winter and this cycle is every 12 years. Warm ocean temps in the Pacific last fall are the source of your discomfort today. Basically it means places that don't get snow will be getting the dose that others usually get (sounds like a Yogi-ism?). Here in Boston we average...
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    Hose clamps that won't leak in cold weather

    This type of leak is way too common. It doesn't seem to occur on new vehicles from the factory as those spring type clamps they use don't really have that much holding power, yet, they never leak?? When changing out a hose all surfaces s/b taken down to shiney-like new-condition. The oldtimers...
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    2009 Final Truck sales numbers

    Up here in the Northeast Ford may be the sales leader but as far as 15 to 20 year old trucks still on the road all I see are GMs with a few Toyotas sprinkled in so I'd like to see those numbers as well?
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    Close up on Toyota/CTS gas pedal.

    wireless, Thanks for posting this as I own one of the affected vehicles and after listening to all the B. S. on the radio I for one am glad to see a nice description. This is real info and important to some. I would be in the " defective metal in the return spring" crowd now as there doesn't...
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    Speedometer Error on Purpose?

    I've found Fords to read high but the 2 worst offenders appear to Subaru and Honda as these brands always are doing 60 in the middle lane when everyone's doing at least 65. Definitely a ploy to run-out warranty early! This puts the Subaru off by 8.3% which is clearly unacceptable.
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    Oil Prices - WalMart Just Cracks Me Up....

    Around here Wallys and K-marts are located close to each other. Get your oil at wally and your Purolator Pureone for $5.75 @ Kmart.
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    Cool 66' VW/Pennzoil Story

    I had one of these as well and used Pennzoil 20W-40 oil as was recommended by a local speed shop because of the larger tolerances in an air-cooled engine. Must have been correct as it never used oil, never saw a wrench on the engine, and went well over 175,000 which was quite bit for up here in...
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    Craftsman Jack + Stands

    I've have a jack that looks like the one in your link for 30 years and it still works. Seriously doubt it was made in China, though? Aquired a better floor jack but still have the old one but was never 100% safe around it and always used a 12x20 wood beam as a back-up. Only added oil once...
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    So this trucking company goes out of business.....

    For Gary... The overseer (visualizing the great VIC MORROW in Roots ) has been replaced by a silicon chip and former pizza delivery drivers who dispatch via various "optimistic" computer software and earn 60% of what the driver earns. This has enabled the real pigs at the top of the trough to...
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    Understanding the Economics of a Chevy Volt?

    I gotta ask why nobody even asks about the pink elephant sitting in the room? If temperatures stay over 90º for 3 days, they start cutting back power because all the air conditioners come on. Now we're goona' charge our 3,000# cars for a 40 mile trip every day? Not bloody likely! The grid would...
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    Block heater operation

    Actually, most people do the same thing and try to minimize the amount of electricity they buy so they use timers. If its heat you want, then these s/b plugged in right after vehicle has been in operation and LEFT ON ALL NIGHT. The limited watts and lack of REAL circulation really won't provide...
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    What do you think of COOLANT DRAINS/REFILLS ???

    There's way more cars in the junkyard from lack of coolant maintenance than oil changes!
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    Drain time, PPM of each drop?

    The 9.19 came from...1,000,000 drops (seeking a PPM reference here) divided by the 108,800 drops in a 5 qt. system??
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    Drain time, PPM of each drop?

    In the quest for cleaner oil and engine life I'm trying to determine the parts per million of dirty oil and using "fuzzy" math I'm looking for a challenge to my answer. Various searches indicate that there is approx. 680 drops of oil to an oz. ? So 680 X 32 X 5 = 108,800 drops in a 5 qt. system...
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    Fedex rant!

    Delivering packages is an art form for UPS, the USPS is a close second, and FEDEX a distant, never to be any different, third. For the record casually mentioned in previous posts, there was a show (NG?) on an LA based "package car" driver and he did slip in that w/OT he made $84,000/ year and...
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    Scion tC power steering fluid change?

    I'm sure to change out the rack on one of these w/b over $1000 so to not inject a few fresh ozs. of new fluid at oil change is just crazy. I do it all the time and any used vehicle I've bought always had brownish fluid in there.
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    Toyota RAV4, Which wheels turn?

    Perhaps this helps. Automatic AWD Goal: Better on-road handling stability. Automatic all wheel drive was created to save weight and money. Auto AWD can be used full time on all surfaces including pavement. AWD only briefly activates automatically when stability threatening conditions arise...
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    Tire inflator?

    Do yourself a favor, plan on spending around $140 and get one with a little regulator and a storage tank, You fill the tank and then its portable and has quite a bit of uses like winter-proofing boats and RVs. Mines labeled "Triple-Play" and has the Ingersoll-Rand name as manufacturer. Tank...