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    Dyson Analysis no longer a site supporter

    In recent discussions with site management whom I love, respect and trust implicitly on a personal and faith level,I can no longer continue to participate or support this site. For the "why", You'll have to talk to the site management. For those of you that had your toes stepped on I...
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    Best oil for BMW 335i N54 twin turbo?

    Bobert, Eats HDD oils too, we tested that theory..... XOM did not do well in my testing....
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    Pennzoil Platinum 5w-20, 5025 miles, 2007 Corolla

    I understand and when I helped form this place with Bob WInters the idea was to inform and educate. You'll have to take some time to do that right. I use oil analysis to consult and essentially tune to correct with many different tools. If I see your data I can help. If we can't correct the...
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    '02 Accord V6 10022 miles Redline 5W20

    Yes, if ring seal hydrodynamic layers are more stable and seal better. Complex solutions to a complex problem.
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    Substitute for Honda ATF-Z1 fluid

    My 2000 Civic EX 1.6 AT has been using ( the no longer available) SF Z1 fluid for 26,000 miles and the trans was already a goner before we installed it, GOOD JOB MOLAKULE!!! I am now testing RLI BIOSYN ATF as I suspect the new more oxidatively stable veg HOBS oils are super helpful in providing...
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    Pennzoil Platinum 5w-20, 5025 miles, 2007 Corolla

    mike please do a search on my name or fuel dilute and dig in a bit, no need to waste bandwidth and no time here to rehash the issues. it is a real problem.
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    Honda Civic Hybrid AT Fluid

    Z1 is inadequate for the CVT chains and will be summarily chewed and spit out in use. CVT fluid ( forget the spec) is better but additional testing is ongoing to prove its effectiveness. Lots of Iron wear!
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    Best oil for BMW 335i N54 twin turbo?

    RLI BIOSYN is the only oil I am seeing work well in DI RS4 or 2.0 Audi or the BMW bi turbo 3.0 I6 in the 335I. They both are killing every oil I used to recommend. I am not kidding and have no interest in promoting one oil over the other. reb03, the M1 0w40 should not be run longer than 1000...
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    Oil recommendations for 1987 Buick Grand National

    Get a oil analysis of whatever oil you have in the engine and work from that. I like Rotella T 10w30 CJ4 as a good starting oil for this design. Conventional price, hard to find, but near synthetic performance. TD
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    '02 Accord V6 10022 miles Redline 5W20

    BTW, I am now encouraging the Dyson raw lab data we send via PDF (in the future we should have a discrete code for my customers to sign-in to the Dyson Analysis internet site for their data!) to be posted and shared among all. The Audio file ( MP3) interpretation is being well received and...
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    '02 Accord V6 10022 miles Redline 5W20

    Mike, rest ASSURED that your scope of viewing my customers raw data is limited. I have many success stories of correcting the pernicious fuel dilute issues that are systemic with the new engines ( NOx flushing,read past comments on BITOG). FYI a customer with a highly modded 07 Sube STi 2.5...
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    Pennzoil Platinum 5w-20, 5025 miles, 2007 Corolla

    Last_Z, we offer closed cup testing because our premium service is derived from a formulating screen I use in our professional consulting. It biases the data to the critical as I want the best and most accurate data when working with a engine,trans,or oil development program. It another quality...
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    Best oil for BMW 335i N54 twin turbo?

    Correction that BMW 335i mentioned above dropped to 240F closed cup flash in 1150 miles.
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    Best oil for BMW 335i N54 twin turbo?

    JAG,this is not personal but I must share that once again you are quoting back yard BBQ testing that has little relevance in the real world. reb03, I have customers running BMW5w30, M1 0w40 all with the same effect, the wear control is good if we change the oil at 1000 mile intervals but the...
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    Question For Terry on Blackstone

    ssj4, I don't want to take up bandwidth doing business here so please email me directly or contact Bklabs tomorrow. Bklabs Dyson Co-op is just that. That is now $60 each. Our Premium service is purchased directly from our Dyson Website. Either way I get you a great test and...
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    Castrol Syntec/0W30, 4113 miles, 2003 G-35 Sedan

    Pablo, good observation, your chemistry background is kicking in. Pentane or Toulene insolubles are not measured directly (Method ASTM D 893) with our premium package( can do it for additional cost). What I am using that works quite nicely is a combination of FTIR...
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    2007 Mazda CX-7, 2.3L Turbo, Motorcraft 5W-20

    Z asked; "Terry, Are the other weights 0/5/10W-30 formulated with "YOUR" additive package? I want your formula in my car, not just the standard!" The RLI BIOSYN SHP HD 5w40 was the consulted answer to the Audi problem. I am no formulator, just a humble Tribological Analyst, Bill Garmier is THE...
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    Val Durablend / M1

    SFCP be careful who you follow on the internet. Too many wannabes with a keyboard. TD
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    RLI Bio-Synthetc 0W-20

    Master, I appreciate your comment and please do what you feel comfortable with. However you had better add lots of salt to reading my comments online for the last 10 years. I work or have worked for every major brand you might consider using. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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    Val Durablend / M1

    Right NOW the Valvoline formula will yield lower wear for 5000 mile interval in same engine.