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    Cheap Hydro-Gear units

    Did you purge the system after refilling. The best way is to raise the rear wheels off the ground and run it backward and forward a few time slowly from slow to fast. Then put it on the ground and drive it around doing the same thing, ie back and forth. usually gets all the air out without too...
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    OPE Oil?

    What makes an oil an air cooled OPE oil? Well, in my mind, you have to first withstand the heat. Two ways to do that is to use dino oil and change it often, or use syn/HDEO diesel oil that is rated for gas engines. Also, heavier is better for air cooled OPE. Some may disagree, but at least Kawi...
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    Kawasaki K-Tech Oil, No More ?

    I'd be more concerned with sling lube mowers than pressure oiled ope. Zinc comes into its own at high heat and when the boundary layer of oil goes away. The zinc then prevents metal to metal damage. Just the conditions of a sling lube mower engine on uneven ground. The saving grace for these...
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    Synthetic oil bad in a lawnmower? Any truth in this self proclaimed experts statements?

    I was changing the oil in my JD 425 a while back and my neighbor, who worked for Auto Zone a while back, came along and noticed I was putting in synthetic oil, and he proceeded to ask/tell me I could never go back to dino oil. . . Just complete ignorance on the subject, plain and simple...
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    What is this old tool?

    Looks like a ruler to me. What's that other thing in the pic? :)
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    Bucket list mowers

    For a push mower it would be an 18" Lawnboy from around 1975, fantastic mowers. We'll never see stuff like that again. For a garden tractor, I have a JD 425, one of the best ever made. I'd like to have a 455 too. My all time fav would be a X7xx in a diesel 4wd, now that would be a mowing...
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    Time to junk my El cheapo AC gauges?

    Depends on how much you use them. Also, you could just replace the gauges on your manifold. I'm not sure from your post if the valves in the manifold are bad or not, if not, just the gauges need replaced. If, as you say, you use them enough to justify a really decent set, then you have more...
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    Kawasaki fr730v break in filter cut open

    I believe I would contact Kawasaki technical, that seems to me like a lot of big debris, and they ought to know about it. I've seen flakes, but nothing like that.
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    Straight 30 wt for kohler magnum air cool twins. Time to stock up on st 30 oil ?

    SG for small engines, could be a very good oil, as it is not constrained by the rules of newer API ratings, it can have much higher zinc etc. Now I will admit that SL is probably the best for small engines, I wouldn't be surprised if SG is even better in some respects.
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    Which oil for new Kawasaki engine FR730V on a Cub Cadet Lawnmower

    One of the benefits of zinc in small engines is heat. When an air cooled engine heats up, to a somewhat higher temp than a car engine, the zinc will come into play as zinc only becomes a barrier lube during high heat. Seems like a match made in heaven. Now, if we're talking water cooled...
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    Does anyone still make 2 Cycle Push Mowers?

    What a shame our government is getting into every facet of our lives. It's not what it was supposed to be, but we're stuck with it. Those old Lawnboys were the best mowers ever made and I've mowed many acres of grass with them over the years. I would buy an old one in a minute and have even...
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    Which oil for new Kawasaki engine FR730V on a Cub Cadet Lawnmower

    Pretty simple, the chart lists temps and acceptable viscosities. Pick an oil for summer and one for winter and change with the seasons. OR, pick a year round oil and change it on the recommended intervals.
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    Anyone Using a Cordless Walk-Behind Battery Operated Lawn Mower?

    I was late to this thread too, but I have the same Ryobi mower and I bought it for just what you're talking about and I've had it over three years and it's going strong and doing the job well. I couldn't be happier with it.
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    sharpen chain or buy new ones?

    If you only use it once in a while than I'd find a local shop and have it sharpened for a few bucks. I wouldn't be against just buying a new one either, probably close in price these days. If you don't use it much, it's really not worth learning to sharpen yourself.
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    Jumping starter

    If you jumping power directly to the starter, then safety switches don't matter, they don't come into play. take jumper cables and ground the starter case, and touch the hot cable to the terminal on the starter, if it runs, you have other problems, if it does not, then the starter is bad.
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    Grounding portable generators? Is it really necessary?

    If plugged into your house system, then it would be grounded thru the circuit it's plugged into. Your house should have a double ground, that's normally code now. But, he's talking about moving it around the property and using it where, obviously, there is no electrical service, not and...
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    Grounding portable generators? Is it really necessary?

    I hope you don't come to my house
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    Daytona 3-ton low profile jack not pumping car up?? No visible leaks

    Yeah, take it back and see what happens. The first one I had is still doing duty in my neighbors garage some 15 years later. The only reason I got a new one, was I needed a low profile jack, and....ok, well I'm gettin older and I wanted aluminum.
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    Combination wire stripper and crimper

    You nailed it. There are several companies, including Klein, who have that same stripper/crimper. My guess is they're all made in the same factory and only the name is changed. As with most of the "combo" tools, (not all), it does nothing well, but is passable.
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    All American Sharpener

    That's all that really matters, I'm glad you're happy!